Martha Ann Knight (Scull)

Author: Philip Grey
Date published: 14/06/2018
© Philip Grey : Great-great-grandson

Martha married Timothy Knight (see his NRC entry) in October 1839, becoming his third wife, and they had three children. Their daughter Hannah Maria Knight is also buried in the NRC - see her entry.
There is no current information about Martha’s occupation, but she may have married Timothy because she was a housekeeper during or after his second wife’s death. She was 20 to his age of 46. Between at least 1871 and her death in 1904, she lived with Timothy in St Bartholomew’s Almshouses.
Her daughter Hannah died young at the age of 39. Martha was present at her death, and registered Martha’s death under the name of Gray - possibly the father of Hannah’s illegitimate son John. 
Born 25 Oct 1818 Combe Hants
Buried NRC 23 Nov 1904
Certificates MD

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