Maria Hamblin

Author: Sylvia Knight
Date published: 04/08/2018
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Clara Evans was the daughter of Joseph and Maria Hamblin, who are also buried in the Cemetery. P187   CH2

As a child, my understanding had been that my Great Aunt Maria was a spinster until by chance it was revealed by an ex-neighbour of Maria’s that in fact she had married Joseph Hamblin and had a daughter Margaret.  Much more information was then obtained by way of Newbury Past and Present and Berkshire Family Tree on Facebook.  It appeared that Margaret had been living in Chieveley but had moved to the Isle of Wight to be nearer to her daughter.  Sadly Margaret has now passed away and her daughter did not know of this side of the family until I made contact.

My father had paid many visits to his Aunt Maria’s grave – she was his mother’s sister – but had been unable to do so of course when the Cemetery had been closed for some years.  When we had passed the Cemetery he had always reminded me that she was buried there.

Maria was a pupil at Christ’s Hospital School.


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