John Reginald Atkins

Author: Sylvia Green
Date published: 27/03/2018

JOHN REGINALD ATKINS  was born in 1876 in Stratford upon Avon where his father was a school master in Old Stratford.  By 1891 the family had relocated to Newbury – J R Atkins snr is Headmaster at the Grammar School where they lived at The Litten.  In 1891 J R A jnr, aged 16 years, is a scholar at the school which is now at Enborne Road, its present location.

1901 finds him living as a boarder in Whitechapel and is listed as a Veterinary Surgeon – sadly the following year he passed away aged 27, the cause of death given as acute pneumonia and cardiac failure.

Harvey (or Harry) Cecil Atkins, the next son, was born in Newbury in 1877 and went on to have a most promising school career – see biography linked to this report – at the time of his death was a student at University College, London.  He passed way at the School House, Newbury on 10 February1895 after a protracted illness.  The death certificate records cause of death as Phthisis (8 months)

Alfred Ernest Atkins, the youngest son at the time of his death, was born in Newbury in 1878 and died aged 2 years in 1880 – cause of death convulsions (1 day).

Arthur Bernard Atkins was born 1880 in Newbury where the family were still living at The Litten and in 1891 he is still living at home.  Like his older Harvey, Arthur gained many successes educationally and was finally awarded a scholarship to Marlborough College – see biography linked to this report – where he became prefect.  Unfortunately his health was of a delicate nature and he was forced to leave college – he died in October 1899 at Newbury – cause of death given as Pulmonary Phthisis (two and a half years) and exhaustion.

Ivor Maurice Atkins was born 1884 in Newbury at the Grammar School and is living there with the family in 1901.  When John Atkins snr retired the family moved to Whitchurch where Ivor Maurice (now 27 years in 1911) is recorded as “Clerk in Holy Orders”.  Again sadly Ivor died in 1918 at Whitchurch – cause of death pulmonary tuberculosis – and is buried in the Cemetery with his brothers.

The remaining brother, Hugh Leslie Atkins, was born in 1883 in Newbury and moved to Whitchurch with the family where he lived until 1956.

One daughter married and moved away, one went to Canada and although returning for a short visit appears to have remained in Canada, another became a teacher and moved away, a fourth daughter became an Assistant Mistress at a Public Secondary School in Poole, three more were unmarried and lived at home. These members of the family, including John Reginald snr and his wife Annie, appear to have lived and died in Whitchurch and as far as I can ascertain are not buried in the Cemetery.


Sources:Censuses and Death Certificate

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