David Stocker

Author: Carol Brindley
Date published: 03/06/2018
© Carol Brindley

David was the first son of John and Maria Stocker born on 5th December 1856 at Back Lane, Old Brentford.  I think it is reasonable to assume that the family were there because John's brother, Charles Stocker, had a barge building business on the river.   A couple of years later John and Maria left Brentford - Charles' business went into receivership - and they came to Newbury, nearer to John's wider family who had all grown up in Ecchinswell.  Maria had more children: Abigail (1859), William (1861), James (1862) and Louisa (1864).
David died on 12th December 1865 following four hours of convulsions.  His death certificate says he was 11 years old, but the birth certificate of 1856 proves that he was, in fact, 9 years old.

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