William Wilson - wording on his memorial stone

Date published: 07/06/2012

Rev W Wilson

The first person to be buried in Newbury Cemetery in 1850 and one of its strongest supporters during its development. Gave evidence during the Parliamentary survey. His epitaph, near the wall of the cemetery, opposite the lodge, runs:


“O place of graves, the first-loved form receive,

That weeping friends within thy precincts leave,

No holier dust shall ever mingle here,

Than he who earliest claims the mourner’s tear.

Long o’er his tomb shall drooping Pity bend,

And mourn the brother, pastor, guide, and friend;

Mourn for the wit, the wisdom, and the worth,

Which rest with him beneath this bed of earth;

Rich in gifts and genius – richer still

In Christian graces, guiding all his will;

Of mind serene – a temper kind and mild.

In peace he lived, and peace he found in death,

For hope and faith inspired his parting breath.

But not confined to this sepulchral sod,

His spirit springs to meet his father – God,

For him a crown, a wreath immortal blooms,

And sheds a glory o’er this place of tombs.”


Sources:Memorial in NRC


Sources:Memorial in Newtown Road Cemetery

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