William Wilson - biography by FONRC 2012

Author: FNRC
Date published: 26/04/2012



Born 4 May 1799 in Dartmouth, Devon, Chr. 13 Sept 1801 in the Presbyterian chapel, Dartmouth (Devonport), died 27 mar 1850 age 51, buried NRC. Parents William Wilson and Ursula.



Mary Chesson Wilson b.28 Oct 1800, Dartmouth, Chr. 13 Sept 1801 , died 31 Oct 1865, age 65, buried NRC

Ursula Parr Wilson b.11 Jun 1792, Dartmouth, Chr. 16 Jan 1795 , died 18 Oct 1871, age 81, buried NRC

Susan Welsford Wilson b. 21 apr 1791, Dartmouth, Chr. 16 Jan 1795


He had his higher education at Manchester College, York, a college open to dissenters.

Before Newbury his ministry was at the Old Chapel, Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead with perhaps an earlier ministry at Crewkerne.


He was for 20 years minister of the Presbyterian (Unitarian chapel) in Newbury from about 1830 till his death in 1850


He never married and lived with his unmarried sisters Mary Chesson Wilson and Ursula Parr Wilson.


He died 29 March 1850 age 51 from Delitation of the heart and pulmonary anasarea adema (heart failure).

He is buried with his sisters in NRC and his was the first burial in the new cemetery after construction.




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