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Author: Brian Sylvester
Date published: 10/09/2017
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Cricket matches in those days were meticulously recorded (as indeed, they are today). Those records still exist and, thanks to the wonders of the world-wide web, can still be accessed.  So, being curious about this referenced game, diligent search was made.

It was found that a match took place between Newbury and Kingsclere on 31st August 1880 at the Recreation Ground, Kingsclere and the full details of the game may be found on

Kingsclere won by an innings and 97 runs.

Wintle is indeed shown as having taken two wickets; W.G. recorded as having scored four runs!  Additionally W.G's brother – his initials,  shown as “G.F.” (not E.M.) -  was out for 61 having been stumped from Wintle's bowling, not “caught in the long field” as suggested.

Sadly, Wintle himself was taken in the first innings by W.G. for a duck; one of seven wickets taken by him in that innings, leaving Newbury with only 60 runs.

Wintle remained not out in the second innings which achieved just 68, W.G. taking five wickets this time.

Undoubtedly George Wintle “excelled as a bowler” and is to be congratulated for that.  But possibly we have a case of the passage of time enhancing the memory a little, as it possibly does for us all !  


For the enthusiast, the following matches were also identified ...

W.G., G.F. and Wintle had appeared together the previous year at the Recreation Ground at Kingsclere, with the Graces playing for “John Porter's XI” on 20th September, 1879.  In this match W.G. Scored 35 ending up hitting his own wicket. 

His brother G.F's wicket was taken by Wintle, this time for 28.  

Wintle himself was out for 1 in the first innings (caught by G.F., bowled W.G.), and not out for 2 in the second.

W.G. took 9 wickets in the first innings (his brother G.F. the other one), and five in the second.

John Porter's XI won by an innings and 104 runs: the score sheet for this match may be found on


Another entry was found for an earlier match on 7/9th July 1879 –Newbury v. United South of England XI.  G.F. appeared in this game, but not W.G.  A much closer confrontation this time; the match was drawn.

G.F. scored 15 and 12 in his innings, and took 1 and 4 wickets from Newbury.

Wintle was first out for a duck,  and 2 in his second innings having been caught from the bowling of G.F.  This time, he managed just one wicket in the visitors' second innings.


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