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Date published: 15/09/2017
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FUNERAL OF THE LATE MR. W. LAY Our oldest tradesman who passed away peacefully on the previous Tuesday, was laid to rest on Friday afternoon in the cemetery. The remains were followed by members of the family including Mr. John Hopson (son-in-law), Mr. Herbert Hopson, Mr. F. C. Hopson, Mr.  Montague Hopson, and Mr. Tuck (grandsons). Mr. Councillor Joseph Hopson (son-in-law), was prevented from attending through indisposition. A few friends of the deceased gathered round the open tomb to join in the service, including Alderman Lucas, Mr. Cosburn, &c. The burial service was impressively conducted by the Rev. E. H. Titchmarsh, pastor of the Congregational Church, at which Mr. Lay was a regular attendant till within a short time of his decease. Numerous wreaths and crosses were placed upon the coffin from relatives and friends, including Mr. and Mrs. Hopson, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hopson, Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Hopson, Mr. and Mrs. Tuck and family, Mr. F. Tuck, Mr. A. Attewell, and Mr. Cosburn.

Newbury Weekly News 18 February 1897


DEATH OF A NONAGENARIAN – The serious illness of Mr. W. C. Lay was recently referred to in the Mercury. He was almost the oldest inhabitant of Newbury, and special interest was felt in him from the fact of his being one of the few remaining links between the old coaching days and the present times.  Last week Mr. Lay gradually became weaker, and passed peacefully away on Tuesday morning in the presence of his daughter (Mrs. Joseph Hopson) and other relatives, at his residence in Cheap-street. He had reached the advanced age of 94 years. As previously mentioned, he ran a coach daily between Newbury and Reading prior to the construction of the G.W. Railway, when “Lay’s Coach” was familiar to travellers as a favourite means of transit between the two towns, although, of course, not a few persons were accustomed to book themselves by the more important four-horse coaches which ran through Speenhamland between the Metropolis and Bath. Mr. Lay was buried in the Cemetery yesterday (Friday) afternoon, when the mourners included: - Mr. John Hopson (son-in-law), Mr. Joseph Hopson, jun., Mr. F. C. Hopson, Mr. Montagu Hopson, and Mr. Tuck (grandsons). Councillor Joseph Hopson, J.P. (son-in-law), was prevented attending through illness. Alderman Lucas, Mr. Cosburn, and other friends of the deceased were also present. The burial service was impressively conducted by the Rev.  E. H. Titchmarsh, pastor of the Congregational Chapel, Northbrook-street. The coffin was covered with floral wreaths and crosses from relatives and friends.

Reading Mercury 13 February 1897

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