Elizabeth Toomer

Date published: 28/04/2017
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 The following article from the 20th January 1892 Newbury Weekly News (reprinted in “Old Memories Revived” on 26th January 2017) refers to these sisters.


The burials are amongst the “missing years” of the Burial Registers and, by coincidence, when the Ledger Book was copied this page was overlooked as no burials are showing from 16th January to 1st February. (Also the brought-forward column totals are different to the carried-forward totals on the earlier page).

Elizabeth TOOMER 

It is a rather remarkable fact that while many firms in Newbury have had large numbers laid up with the influenza, the cases at the Eagle Ironworks, where some 115 men are employed, have been very few.

The theory for this exemption is that the coke fires used destroy the germs of the disease.

Amongst many who have been carried off by the prevailing sickness are the two Miss Toomers, daughters of Mr. Samuel Nevil Toomer, for many years ironmonger of Newbury, and who died not long since at an advanced age.

His daughters, who lived together in Shaw Crescent, died within a few days of each other, and will be buried together.

Newbury Weekly News 20 January 1892 and reprinted in “Old Memories Revived” on 26 January 2017.

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Sources:Newbury Weekly News 20 January 1892 and reprinted in

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