Elizabeth Plummer

Date published: 20/03/2017
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    Our obituary column today announces the death of Mrs. Plummer of West Mills, widow of the late Mr. William Plummer, who formerly carried on business for many years as an outfitter and clothier in Bartholomew-street. 

    The funeral took place yesterday at the Cemetery, the deceased being followed to her last resting place by her sons and daughters.

Newbury Weekly News 22 January 1891

Missing years

Mrs. P. p 19 w106

Elizabeth Plummer died 17 January 1891 aged 81

Also William Plummer died 3 April 1865 aged 58

Also youngest daughter Annie, wife of Joseph Adey, died 15 November 1921 aged 65

Also daughter Agnes died 22 March 1858 aged 10 years and 8 months.


Sources:Newbury Weekly News 22 January 1891 and Mrs P

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