Clara Lewis

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Clara Lewis

Nee Fielder, she was born c.1813 in Newbury. In 1851 she resided at St. Mary’s Hill, Newbury, with her sister Jane and  brother Grove, a silk manufacturer. In 1854 she married John Lewis as his second wife.  From the 1861 and 1871 censuses,  she is living with her husband, a landed proprietor (income from houses and dividends), and they are residing at 3 Vale Place, Guildford.  In 1881 they have moved to Merrow Road, Guildford, and after her husband’s death that year she returned to Newbury and in 1891 she is residing at 7 Cheap Street.  She died on 28 February 1895. Probate was granted to Thomas Waters Fielder,  gentleman, and Alfred Fielder, solicitor.  She is buried with her brother Grove Fielder, and sisters Elizabeth Hinton Fielder, Ann Fielder and Jane Fielder.

Sources: BMD 3Q 1854 Marriage; 1851 to 1891 census; National Probate/Will. Also refer to entry for John Lewis (1799-1881).

Mrs. P. Code W3, page 11


Fielder Family


Thomas Wooldridge Fielder was born on 20th October, 1798 in Newbury, Berkshire to John Fielder and Sarah nee Grove. John (1768-1845) was a Woolstapler and lived at St Mary’s Hill, Newbury in 1841. Sarah Fielder (1768-1839) was the daughter of Andrew Grove and Elizabeth (?).


Thomas Fielder was a Druggist, Grocer and Fellmonger (a dealer in hides, particularly sheepskins) living in their property in Northbrook Street, Newbury. He married Mary Ann Waters Furnell, daughter of Thomas and Catherine nee Furlong of Marlborough at St Peter and St Paul’s Church on 18th March, 1822. Thomas Fielder died on 14th April, 1857 and is buried in Newtown Road Cemetery (Pattison W4).


Mary Ann Waters Fielder died in Newbury in 1837.


Their children:


Sarah Furnell Fielding (1823- 1907) lived with her family in Northbrook Street, Newbury. She married Joseph Staples, of Devon, a successful Ironmonger, in 1865. She was his second wife and they lived in Bridge Street, Newbury. (Joseph had children with his wife, Lucy Lea of Swindon, Wiltshire). Sarah Staples is buried in the Staples Family vault in Newtown Road Cemetery (Pattison code S31)  as is Lucy and Joseph Staples


Thomas Waters Fielding (1825-1919) - follows his father’s occupation of Druggist, Grocer and Fellmonger and lives at 2 Northbrook Street in 1861 with his sisters. (Brother, Barron is next door with his wife, Harriette). Thomas Fielding marries Sarah Kimber on 9th September, 1863 in Enborne. She is the daughter of John and Sarah nee Chamberlain. Her father was a Grocer and Tallow Chandler in Bartholomew Street. Thomas and Sarah live at 4 Andover Terrace and later at Enborne House and by 1911, he has retired as a Grocer. (They had no children).


Catherine Furlong Fielder (1827-1914) lived with her family at 2 and 3 Northbrook Street. She marries Alfred Smith, a Miller of Greenham Mills, in 1851. By 1871 they are in Wharf Lane and he is a Carrier of goods by boat. Later, he is a Corn merchant and Coal merchant, living near the weighbridge and the “Rising Sun”. They have six children. Their daughter, Mary  Smith (13 Jun 1855-27 Mar 1881) and son, Barron Smith (08 Jan 1861-18 Dec 1862) are buried in the Fielder Family vault (Pattison code W4). Alfred and Catherine Smith are buried at Newtown Road Cemetery (Pattison code W6).


Mary Anne Waters Fielder (1831-1878) lived with her family in Northbrook Street; later, in 1861, she is with her sister, Catherine and brother-in-law, Alfred Smith and family at Greenham Mills. She marries Charles Kimber, Farmer of Wash Farm in 1862. They have three children and the family later lives at Cope Hall, Enborne. 


Barron Fielder (1833-1882) lives with his family in Northbrook Street and follows his father’s occupation of Druggist, Grocer and Fellmonger. He marries Harriette Hannah Roake, daughter of John White Roake and Mary nee Stubbs of Maidenhead, in 1860. They have six children. Their daughter, Mary, goes to lives with her husband, Frederick Symes, in Thunder Bay, Fort William, Ontario, Canada. Their son, Frederick Waters Fielder, also lives there with his wife, Kate nee Hine but, returns to Newbury in 1939 after her death.


Barron and Harriette Fielder suffered the loss of their young sons, Barron Fielder (age 4 years) and Thomas Furnell Fielder(age 2 years) in January 1871. After Barron’s death, Harriette lives in Salisbury Terrace and Craven Road, Newbury with daughters Kate and Ethel. Both Barrons and Harriette are buried in the family’s chest tomb Pattison code W4.


 In 1863, Barron is initiated as a member of Hope Lodge, Newbury and was  Worshipful Master 1872 and 1873. In 1879, at a meeting of Loyal Berkshire Lodge of Hope (Lodge 574), he was presented with "a very handsome PGSW jewel" in acknowledgement of his untiring services to the craft.


In 1874, the Partnership of Thomas Waters Fielder and Barron Fielder, grocers, druggists, glovers, fellmongers and woolstaplers was dissolved (reported in Daily Telegraph and Lloyd's List).


He is known for his work with the Town Council and involvement in the Newbury Horticultural Society and the Newbury Chamber of Agriculture. He was appointed one of four Borough Overseers in 1871. In 1872, he was among those inhabitants of the Bridge, who presented a memorial complaining of the stench arising from the Canal when the water is low and the public sewer exposed – the matter was referred to the surveyor. In 1878, he spoke in favour of a volunteer fire service brigade. Sadly, ill health prevented him from becoming Mayor in 1879. His other interests brought him prizes for his Antwerp Pigeons at the Newbury Poultry and Pigeon shows.


Elizabeth Fielder (1837-1927) lives with her family in Northbrook Street and marries Charles Benjamin May of Marlborough in Enborne on 9th September, 1863. He follows the occupation of Tanner with a thriving business, employing 27 men and 3 women when at London Road, Preshute in 1871. They live on The Green, Marlborough and in 1911, he is a Currier and Leather merchant. They have six children.  


Thomas Wooldridge Fielder’s siblings - John and Sarah’s children (all born in Newbury):


John and Sarah married at St Nicolas Church, Newbury on 12th December, 1793 (witnesses Andrew Grove and John Webb).


John’s Will specifically provided for his four spinster daughters as drawn up in 1841.


Charles Fielder (1795-1869) – occupation Woolstapler in Greenham Fields, Thatcham and Titchfield Hampshire; also, Wool agent in Rochdale, Lancashire. He married Esther Roberts, born Saddleworth, Yorkshire, at St Chad’s, Rochdale on 13th July, 1820. They had eight children. His death is recorded at Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire. In 1871 Esther is Head of household in Stretford, Lancashire, supported by her sons, who were Stockbrokers’ agents. Her death in 1886 is also registered at Barton Upon Irwell.


John Webb Fielder (1797-1864) – occupation Lace merchant and warehouseman in London in 1851. Death registered Catherington, Hampshire and burial Rowland’s Castle (Redhill), Hampshire.


Sarah Fielder (1798-1879) – married William Child of Hurstbourne Tarrant, a Farmer. They lived at the Manor House, Vernhams Dean and had six children. She is buried at St Peter Churchyard, Hurstbourne Tarrant.


Elizabeth Hinton Fielder (1802-1882) lived in Cheap Street and St Mary’s Hill, Newbury with her sisters and stayed with Thomas Child’s family in Appleshaw in 1851 after the death of his wife and her sister, Mary. In 1871 her occupation is given as Shareholder in Bank. She proves the Will of their father, John, in London on 23rd June, 1846 and is granted power of administration. She is buried at Newtown Road Cemetery (Pattison code W3) with her siblings Grove, Jane, Clara and Ann.


George Fielder (1804-1871) lives mainly in the Dobcross, Saddleworth area after his marriage to Eliza Farrer at Almondbury on 18th November, 1839. She was the daughter of James and Ann nee Lawton and born in Holmfirth, Yorkshire. In the Post Office directory of 1856 he is listed as woollen manufacturer and of Nield’s flannel vests, London and Dobcross. In 1861, he is a Merchant’s Clerk and they are living in Finsbury, London. They have nine children.


Grove Fielder (1805-1856) lives around Newbury, Berkshire including Speenhamland in 1841 when he is staying with brother and sister Thomas and Mary Hawkes. Grove and Thomas are Silk manufacturers and have a Galloon* factory, Messrs Hawkes and Fielder, at Inkpen (*specialist braid and trimmings with metallic threads). In his Will of November, 1845, he leaves his property “of all kinds” to his four sisters and is buried with them at Newtown Road Cemetery (Pattison code W3).


Jane Fielder(1806-1888) is living in St Mary’s Hill, Newbury in 1851 with brother, Grove and sister, Clara. In 1861, she is there with sister, Ann and noted as the Proprietor of a Silk factory employing 14 hands. Her occupation in 1871 is given as Shareholder in a Bank and is with sisters Elizabeth and Ann at St Mary’s Hill. Jane and Ann are at 8 Cheap Street in 1881. She is buried at Newtown Road Cemetery (Pattison code W3) with her siblings Grove, Elizabeth, Clara and Ann.


Mary Fielder (1808-1850) marries Thomas Child of Hurstbourne Tarrant on 21st April, 1838. He becomes curate of Appleshaw, near Andover and later, Rector of Upper Clatford and Rural Dean of Southampton for 25 years. They had six children. She is buried in St Peter’s Churchyard, Appleshaw.


Frederick Fielder (1811- ) marries Sarah Roberts of Saddleworth, Yorkshire on 20th. March, 1834 when he is at Dobcross. (His brother, Grove, is one of the witnesses). In 1841, he is a woollen manufacturer and they are living at Linfrith, Saddleworth. By the 1850s, they are living nearer to Manchester and in 1861, their residence is Whitefield House, Ashton upon Mersey, Lancashire and he becomes a Stockbroker and landowner. They have four children.


Ann Fielder (1812-1887) is in East Woodhay in 1851, companion to widow Sarah Child*; later, she lives with her sisters in St Mary’s Hill and Cheap Street, Newbury. Along with Jane, she is given as Proprietor of a Silk factory in 1861 and Shareholder in a Bank in 1871. She is buried at Newtown Road Cemetery (Pattison code W3) with her siblings Grove, Elizabeth, Clara and Jane. (*Sarah is mother of Thomas Child, who marries Mary Fielder in 1838. Her maiden name is Criswick).


Clara Fielder (1813-1895) lives in St Mary’s Hill, Newbury with her brother and sisters; then in 1854, she marries widower, John Lewis of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. (John has six children with his first wife, Jane nee Weedon. His occupation is given as Mercer, a dealer in textiles and fine materials, in 1822 and he has the Draper’s business in the Market Place in 1841. He is connected to Austin Champion who married his sister, Esther). Clara and John live in Guildford, Surrey for nearly 30 years. After his death in November, 1881, Clara Lewis returns to live in St Mary’s Hill.  She is buried at Newtown Road Cemetery (Pattison code W3) with her siblings. (John Lewis is buried with his first wife, Pattison code W1)


Alexander Fielder (1814 - ) is baptised at St Nicolas Church on 7th. July, 1814. His name is mentioned in his father’s Will of 1841. (no other information has come to light to date 24 Aug. 2022)


note: there appear to be many links between the Child and Fielder families. It is possible that Thomas Wooldridge Fielder is named through Thomas Wooldridge, Grocer, of Cheesehill, Winchester marrying Elizabeth Fielder in 1752.

Sources:Sources: BMD 3Q 1854 Marriage; 1851 to 1891 census; National Probate/Will. Also refer to entry for John Lewis (1799-1881). Mrs. P. Code W3, page 11

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