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Date published: 03/03/2017
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The decease of Mr. Robert C. Ryott, which occurred on Monday night at his residence, Lynmouth-villas, Enbourn-road, has been an event to awaken feelings of more than usual nature on account of the brief illness by which it was preceded. Mr. Ryott, who for some time past had complained of internal pains, was taken unwell on Wednesday, and left business early. On Thursday he came down in a cab, but had to return; on Friday he took to his bed, and passed away on Monday evening from inflammation of the lungs, in the 49th year of his age. He was medically attended by his brother (Dr. Ryott) and Mr. Robert Birch, but the disease baffled their united skill, and it became apparent by Sunday that nothing could save the life of their patient.

Mr. Ryott never took any active part in public life. He succeeded his father (who died May 10th 1874, in his 66th year) in the business of chemist and druggist in Northbrook-street. The deceased married the eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Gurney, of Hartwell, near Aylesbury, but formerly of Newbury, and his widow is left with four children, one girl and three boys, the great trouble in which the family and relatives are so overwhelmed awakening a large amount of sympathy from a wide circle of friends.

The funeral will take place (tomorrow) Friday, the body to leave the residence at half-past three and be taken to Newbury Parish Church, where the first part of the service will take place. The internment will be at the Cemetery.

Newbury Weekly News 7 May 1891

Robert Charles Ryott born Jun Q 1842 Newbury

Married Mar Q 1879 in Kensington Maria Gurney


I never remember the town, or the townspeople generally, presenting such a mournful aspect as on Friday, when the funerals of the late Mr. Ryott and Mr. Biddis took place. Both had been familiar figures and cut off, as they were, in the prime of manhood, could not fail to raise a sympathetic feeling among all who had been in the habit of meeting them every day in the course of business. Both enjoyed a wide circle of friends, and both were members of families who have played a prominent part in the history of the town.

Newbury Weekly News 14 May 1891








The funeral of the late Mr. Robert Charles Ryott took place on Friday afternoon, the corpse being taken from Lynmouth Villas, the residence of the deceased to the parish church, where the first part of the burial service was performed, and thence to the Cemetery.


The officiating clergy were the Rector, (the Rev. E.L. Gardiner) and the Rev. E.P. Sparway, who met the corpse at the west door, the organist (Mr. Herbert Knight) meanwhile playing Handel's beautiful air, “I know that my Redeemer liveth” and subsequently as the procession left the church Schubert's “Funeral March,” the hymn, “Now the labourer's task is o'er,” also being sung.


The mourners were Dr Ryott (brother), Mr. Alderman Gurney of Hartwell, Aylesbury (father-in-law), and Mr. John R. Gurney (brother-in-law).


A list of other mourners followed.


Newbury Weekly News 14 May 1891

















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