Richard Goddard, Family and Children

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Date published: 29/06/2012
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Grave Nch 25 (Worn and hardly legible)

Richard was born in Brimpton in 1797, one of a large family. He was for seven years the schoolmaster at Aldermaston. He married Ann Whistler at Aldermaston in 1823. About 1832 the family moved to Kingsclere and five children were added to the four they had already. In 1841 he was employed as a land measurer, probably for the new Enclosure Act. Then he became the landlord of The Pineapple pub in Brimpton, which was leased from Winchester Cathedral by his distant cousins, Goddards of Blacknest in Brimpton. Then he and his family moved to Newbury where he took over the New Inn in the Cattle Market. In 1842 his wife died following complications after the birth of their tenth child. Richard married Ann Patience Dicks in 1848 and they had one child.

The Newbury Borough Police sergeant, George Goddard was his nephew, son of his brother William, and it appears that there was some ill feeling in the family. After a disagreement Ann Patience Goddard, nee Dicks, left the pub and moved into the household of George Goddard. There was a court case in June 1830 when Richard was charged with failing to support his wife thus making her “chargeable to the common fund of Newbury Union”. In other words she was destitute and had applied for charity relief.

Richard replied that he was giving up the pub and his son was to take over. He had taken rooms in town for himself and his wife but she had refused to move with him. While he was absent from the pub articles had been removed by the police sergeant, probably at his wife's request. The court was not able to agree on the subject as to whether he had failed to support his wife and dismissed the case to cheers from the court. Mrs Ann Patience Goddard did not return to her husband and ended her days in lodgings. Richard stayed at the New Inn while his son was landlord, but worked as a dealer. He died in the Church Alms Houses in October 1875. A funeral service was conducted at St John the Evangelist and he was buried in Newtown Road Cemetery.

The tombstone records the death of his first wife, Ann Whistler Goddard, but she was actually buried in St Nicolas' Churchyard in 1842. The footstone reads RG 1878, AWG 1842 and JG 1882, the last being John Goddard son of Richard who died in the Berkshire Lunatic Asylum. 

Ann Patience Goddards body was brought from Kennington for burial on 2 may 1883



Richard (1828- 1887) married Selina/Sabina in 1854. No children. He was a police constable for a time before taking over the New Inn.

William (1831?- unmarried in 1851 census

John died in Berkshire Lunatic Asylum in 1882. Had a son Richard John who was still in Newbury in the 1901 census.

Francis left Newbury for Croydon between 1851 and 1861.

Thomas went into the navy. Married a Devon girl. Died in Essex in 1898.

Alfred left Newbury between 1851 and 1861. Went to Croydon. Died 1920.

Henry left between 1851 and 1861. Went to Greenwich and died there 1876.

James died under a year in 1846. The son of the second family Edwin, left Newbury for Lambeth and died there 1906.

Ann - married name Rolfe.

Jane moved to Croydon. Ancestor of Sue Knight of Canada.

Catherine- married name Earley.


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