George Westcombe

Date published: 15/10/2016
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It is with sincere regret that we record the death of Mr. George Westcombe, which took place at his country residence, Greenham Common, on Tuesday morning. For some time past the deceased gentleman has not enjoyed his former usual good health, but it was not until about ten days ago that the illness, which has terminated fatally, assumed a serious aspect.


In a public capacity Mr. Westcombe was a Trustee of the Municipal and a member of the Corporation, having occupied a seat at the Council since 1860, and had he lived would doubtless have been elected in due course to the mayoralty of the Borough. He was attentive to and conscientious in the discharge of his public duties, and enjoyed the esteem of all parties.


By his removal the Wesleyan denomination will lose a liberal supporter, and an efficient local preacher.


Mr. Westcombe's age was 48.


Newbury Weekly News August 13 1868


Mrs. P. p 4 L5 53/4

Sources:Newbury Weekly News 13 August 1868 and Mrs Pattison

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