John Thorn

Date published: 28/06/2016
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19th June 1867


          A letter written on this day and published in the Newbury Weekly News the following day with regards to the way and elderly blind man has been treated. The gentleman, Mr. John Thorn aged 90, had been standing at the corner of Jack Street almost every day, but a few years ago, instead took to leaning, in a niche, against the Baptist Chapel in Northbrook Street. He was asked not to stand there and if he did so he would be taken into custody. His wife asked that he be allowed to continue but was told it was not possible here or in any other part of the street and should he do so he would be sent to jail which would do him good.

          Mr. Thorn ignored the warnings and continued to lean against the wall, subsequently he was handed away by PC Justice and on Monday was charged, at the Borough Police Court, with obstructing the pathway. The letter also states that a girl who walks Thorn to the chapel would also have time in jail if she continued to do so.

          When he died in 1877, articles in the newspapers stated he had been selling cabbage nets made by his wife, it is this that may have been the cause of his court appearance. 


Newbury Weekly News


Bk. 1868 p. 153 no. 3615 Buried 27 March 1887 aged 101

Sources:Newbury Weekly News 19 June 1867

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