Edith Ann Piddington

Date published: 28/06/2016
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EDITH ANNIE PIDDINGTON                                               3rd June 1895


          Edith Annie Piddington, who was about five years old, went missing on this day. She was playing outside her house near the canal at West Mills, where she lived with Mrs. Davies when she disappeared.

          An immediate search failed to find her but her hat was found floating in the water. A search of the water failed to find her and it was feared that she had fallen into the water and had been swept down stream.

          She remained missing until 19th June when Mr. Nightingale found her body near Greenham Mill.


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Buried 22 June 1895 as “Edith Ann Piddington.”


From “Newbury 365” by Dr Nick Young ISBN 978-1-20841-7:2015

Reproduced by kind permission of the Author

Sources:Readinbg Mercury 3 June 1895

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