James Clayton

Date published: 28/06/2016
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JAMES CLAYTON                                                                     4th August 1885


          Mr. James Clayton of the Kennet beer house committed suicide on this day. He had been reported to have been seen early in the morning but apparently went back home to bed. Later that morning Mr. Robert Legg, who was the employer of Mr. Clayton, stopped at his house. Mr. Clayton's wife, Mrs. Jane Clayton went to fetch her husband but could not open the door. She called to Mr. Legg to assist and upon upon opening the door found Mr. Clayton had hung himself. He was immediately taken down, laid out on the bed and medical help sent for. Help arrived too late and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

          Sometime between 12pm and 1pm one of his sons, Henry, also attempted to commit suicide in the tap room of the Kennet beer house. He was recorded as saying “I'll cut my throat and go by the side of my father.” He was held back from doing so by two men and was subsequently arrested and taken to the police station

          An inquest heard how family issues including Mr. Clayton's cousins' suicide had been affecting him. His death was recorded as suicide by hanging whilst in a state of unsound mind.


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Buried 7 August 1885


From “Newbury 365” by Dr Nick Young ISBN 978-1-326-20841-7:2015

Reproduced by permission of the author.

Sources:"Newbury 365" by Dr Nick Young

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