Charles Gee Taylor

Date published: 03/07/2016
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             Old Gee Taylor is dead, and with him has departed one of the oldest inhabitants, and certainly one of the characters of the town.

    The old man was well known for miles around, having during his life taken an active part in sick visiting and temperance agitation, quaint in his manner, out spoken in his opinions, he offended many ,but there was a kind heart beating behind all, and many poor sick homes have missed his visits during the time he has not been so active as formerly. "He was a rum old chap, but well meant in his intentions," is the short mode in which C. Gee Taylor's biography has been put in a single sentence. But are not the chronicles of C. Gee Taylor already written in a book which he himself published? - a characteristic of the man.


Newbury Weekly News ? April 1890
Mrs P. p.164 P(A)4 died 29 April 1890 aged 84 (not listed in Burial Register).

(also wife Harriet died 8 March1883 aged 74)

Sources:Newbury Weekly News April1890

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