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Date published: 14/01/2016
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News of a fatal disaster to his son Charles, has been received by Mr. Edward James, builder, of Enbourn-road. The deceased emigrated to the United States about eleven years ago, and engaged in farming, settling in Washington County, Kansas, in addition to which he had about two years ago acquired a roller mill. On the8th of July he was working a binder in a field of oats, and whilst engaged in oiling the same, something frightened the team, which bolted, he was thrown under the machine and when his body was taken out he died almost instantly.


A long procession of friends and neighbours attended the funeral, and his minister referred to the deceased having been superintendent of the Sunday School, which showed his desire to do, and be of good.


Mr. James was married- his wife being a niece of Mrs. Fanfare, a former resident of Newbury – and his widow is left with two little boys. Only in his last letter he spoke of his business having prospered so much that he felt he could indulge in the prospect of an extended holiday, and proposed returning to England in September or October.


The deceased will be remembered by many in Newbury, who will have much sympathy for the bereaved family.


Newbury Weekly News 1 August 1901

Mrs. P p.154 LS(J)29

Sources:Newbury Weekly News 1 August 1901

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