Date published: 20/04/2012





In loving memory of my dear husband Francis Victor Copas

born 15/9/1887, died 25/10/1951

Also his dear wife Daisy Annie Copas

born 1887 died 9/2/1965



In loving memory of Albert the beloved husband of C. COPAS,

born May 31st 1854

entered into rest Jan. 27th 1922

Father in Thy precious keeping, leave we now Thy servant sleeping”.

In loving memory of Caroline, dearly beloved wife of the late Albert Copas

born Dec. 6th 1856, entered into rest March 17th 1923

At rest with those she loved”

In loving memory of Amelia Kate the dearly loved daughter of A. & C. Copas


born March 19th 1894, entered into rest Jan 28th 1922


Grant to her, O Lord, Eternal rest”

Albert May Copas


, born May 2nd 1883 died Sept 19th 1946

Grant her, O Lord, eternal rest”.


Sources:Newtown Road Cemetery

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