William Henry Gore

Date published: 11/05/2015
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Death of a Newbury Artist.


MR. W. H. GORE, who has recently passed away, was a well-known Newbury artist.


It is a true saying, “A Prophet is not with out honour, save in his own country.” In art circles, Mr. Gore's work was very much more highly regarded than amongst his fellow townsmen. For very many years he exhibited his pictures at the Royal Academy. I understand that a pastoral scene which was hung at the Academy in 1914, he has bequeathed to the Newbury Corporation.


He did quite a lot of portraiture and was also responsible for the War Memorial in the Congregational Church.


Mr Gore was a son of Newbury. He was born in the town. His father died when he was a boy and he was brought up by his uncle, Mr. W. Chubb, who was one of the Speenhamland Worthies.


A bachelor, Mr. Gore was 85 years of age.



Newbury Weekly News 14th May, 1942

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Sources:Newbury Weekly News 14 May 1942

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