John Hunt

Author: Sylvia Sellwood
Date published: 04/04/2015
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John Hunt


Born 1822            Speen                                                   Parents Stephen Harriet nee Vockins

1847                                                                                       Married Maria Gough

1851 census        Benham. Speen                                                Wife Maria,  2 daughters Rosa and Amelia*

Occupation labourer

1861 census        Rawlins Lane, Hampstead            Wife Maria, 3 daughters, Harriet, Mary and Kate

                                                                                                3 sons John, George and Thomas

                                                                                                Occupation Agricultural labourer

1871 census        Bradleys yard, Newbury                               Wife Maria, 2 daughters Mary and Elizabeth**

                                                                                                3 sons Albert, George and Thomas

                                                                                                Occupation Gas Stoker

1881 census        Smith Building, Stroud Green     Wife Maria, 1 daughter Elizabeth**

                                                                                                2 sons George and Thomas, 1 Grandson Henry

Occupation - laundress

1891 census 2 Netherton Terrace, Newbury        Wife Maria

                                                                                3 boarders Richard, Jane and Richard Knight

Occupation   Gas labourer

1901 census        6 Netherton Terrace, Newbury Wife Maria

                                                                                                Occupation   Gas Labourer

*Amelia present at death 1910

** Sylvia Sellwood’s GGrandmother

Always appears to have been in work.

Married Maria Gough in 1847 and they had 10 children, 6 daughters and 4 sons.

Illiterate, signed marriage certificate and Elizabeth’s birth certificate with a cross.

Started life as an agricultural worker and when he moved into Newbury worked at the Gas Works which were established in 1830 moving to larger premises in 1880.On his death certificate 1910 he was described as yard foreman at the gas works.

Cause of death – senile decay. Was living with daughter Amelia at Round Oak Cottage, Greenham.






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