George Chivers

Author: Sylvia Sellwood
Date published: 15/03/2015

George Chivers(1830-1903) George Chivers was born in Hungerford, in 1854 he married Elizabeth Mudge.

He was described as a coal merchant labourer on 1861 census but a corn merchant labourer on 1871and 1881 censuses.

Their eldest son, Alfred, was born in Hungerford. Other children were born in Newbury where they were living on 1861 census including George (1868-1935). They were living in Packers Yard, 4 West Street (1861), moved to Shaw lane (1871), West Mills (1881) and 4 Chestnut Crescent where he died in 1903.

In 1886 neighbours the Lipscombe family lost both their parents. George and Elizabeth with others kept an eye on them so they could stay as a family.

Their son William married Rebecca Lipscombe and in 1889 another son George married Elizabeth Lipscombe. Children recorded on censuses were Alfred, William, Emily, Frank, George, Eliza, Mary Ann and Henry J Ref findmypast and Frances Berry’s book

Sources:Find my Past and Frances Berry's book A Newbury Family

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