Frank Chivers

Author: Sylvia Sellwood
Date published: 15/03/2015

Frank Chivers (1896-1912) Son of George ( 1868-1935) and Elizabeth (1863-1947).
Appears on their 1901 and 1911 censuses. He was age 17yrs. in 1911 and was working at The Mill.

He had a scholarship to attend Newbury Grammar School He died in 1912.

Extract from Frances Berry’s book A Newbury Family” Page 62 includes a photograph of the funeral.

“The following Spring the family experienced a tragedy which started with but a seemingly small incident, but ended with sadness and tears.

Frank had taken a job at the Town Mills helping with the delivery of sacks of flour to various places in the town and had just taken a large and very weighty sack on his back to load onto the trap when the driver became impatient and sent him reeling with a kick from his boot, with the result that the sack swung round wrenching Frank’s body as he resisted the blow and tried to keep hold of it.

Over the next few weeks he suffered terrible agonising pain and the doctor, unable to find the cause, arranged for him to be sent to hospital St. Bartholomew’s in London where the doctors there could do nothing for him and sadly he died.

It was a dreadfully distressing time for the family and indeed his fiancée to lose him and naturally Elizabeth recalled the heartache she had suffered losing both her parents in her youth. Col. Serg. Inst. Butler from E. Company of the Territorials of which Frank was such a dedicated member playing the drums, proposed that he be honoured with a military funeral the arrangements for which would be made by him and George, Elizabeth and family accepted his offer and so it was that the occasion was reported in the Newbury Weekly News in a most detailed and sympathetic fashion.

Gertrude had the task of sending the bad news to James whom she knew would mourn her dear brother, as they had been good friends as indeed all members of both families were.” 

Sources:Find my Past and Frances Berry's book

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