Revd. Charles Joseph Taylor

Date published: 19/02/2015
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 The funeral of the late Vicar took place on Saturday afternoon last at three o’clock, in weather which well-fitted the solemn occasion.  The mortal remains had been received at the church on the previous Friday evening at 8 o’clock by the Rev. F.R Horwood, of Aldermaston, when they were placed in the chancel and a short service, “Vespers for the Dead” followed.

 On Saturday morning, at 8.30, a celebration of the Holy Communion was held by the Rev. F.R. Horwood, the Rev. A.G.P. Baines, Vicar of St. John’s, Newbury, performed the last solemn rites, assisted by the Rev. F.R. Horwood and the Rev. W.S. Edgell, who has officiated here since the late Vicar’s incapacity at Easter time.

 The coffin of polished oak, surmounted by a brass cross, bore the inscription:-

                                       Charles Joseph Taylor,



 Mr. T. Preston presided at the organ, and played “O Rest in the Lord”.  The Vicar’s favourite, and “O Gog our help in ages past”, were sung in church while “Now the labourer’s task is o’er~”, was reverently sung by the members of the choir at the graveside.  Great pains had been taken by Mr. H. Hignell in lining the inside and top of the grave with moss and white chrysanthemums, while a cross of the same flower was carefully arranged at his head.

 There was a large attendance, many parishioners being anxious to show sympathy with the widow and to pay a final tribute to one so deserving.  Among those present were the Misses Fowler, Col. And the Misses Eastwood, Mrs. Drury, Mrs. Baker, Miss Hall, Mr and the Misses Hadden, the Misses Barron, Mr. B. James, Mr. C. Tanner, and many others.   Among the clergy present were the Rev. C. Wilder, the Diocesan Inspector of Schools, Pangbourne; the Rev. J.B. Burne, Wasing and the Rev. Freeman, Woolhampton.

 The following sent floral tokens:- Col., Mrs, Miss and Miss V. Eastwood, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Mount, Mr and Mrs. W. Cherry, Miss Tull, Mr. B. Hedley, Mr and Mrs. J. Shuter, Mr. J. and Miss Simonds, Newlands; Mr. and Mrs. Frank brown, The Choir, the School Teachers, and Children.

 At the evening service on Sunday, the Rev. W. S. Edgell made touching reference to the late Vicar, prefacing his remarks by saying that he would have wished an old friend, better able than he, should have paid a tribute to his life and work, and therefore what he had to say must naturally be very brief, inasmuch as his opportunities of knowing him and his work had been very few, as duty called him to the parish, but on Sunday, and that only since Easter.

 His body rests under the east window near the altar, at which he so often faithfully served.  He carried on is work at times with much difficult, as was only natural with one so advanced in years.  His oldest friend of 60 years’ standing, a layman writes “I was not surprised to hear that my very dear friend had passed to this “rest”, and of his calm, peaceful end, as the closing of such a pure, good, holy life, as he had lived.  May he rest in peace”.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Collier and Catley, Midgham, represented by Mr. House.

 Also -   He was buried in the church at Brimpton where he had been the curate

             In his will he left £4417 12s. 8d. to his wife Frederica Granger Taylor

 NWN 25/11/1915

Mrs. P. p. 33

 b. 1827

 d. 14/11/195 aged 64 years

 Memorial plot 1A

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Sources:Newbury Weekly News 25 November 1915

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