Henry Hill

Date published: 02/02/2015

Henry Hill


The melancholy death of the poor man Hill, will have served a useful purpose if it should direct attention to the wretched condition of some of the dwellings of the poorer classes.  How many of our Town Councillors have personal knowledge of the circumstances under which these poor people live.  Here was a centre of corruption adjoining our main street, and a man is allowed to be literally starved to death.  The new Inspector of Nuisances will doubtless bring his official gaze to bear on these dark and undesirable corners of our town.


It is a great wonder that people should continue to live in miserable courts and alleys.  New houses are built all around the town, and quite a colony of small houses have sprung up in the neighbourhood of the Gas-works.  Here at least there is plenty of light and air, and an occasional whiff from the Gas-works is said to be conducive to health.


Also: he died at Ashdown Court


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