Ann Whiting

Author: FNRC
Date published: 01/04/2015


1820 baptised on 27th August in Great Shefford Berks, the daughter of Joseph Cox and Sarah Timms.

1841 Census. Aged 2l in Clerkenwell Finsbury, Servant to a Milliner.

1845 a daughter baptised on 5th October 1845 in Chieveley

1846 Marriage to Samuel Stanford, a widower on 24th August 1846 in Chieveley

1851 Census Married and living in Chieveley

1861 Census Married and living in Chieveley

1862 her husband Samuel Stanford died on 17th may in Chieveley

1863 Marriage to Thomas Showell on 2lst November 1863 at St Nicolas Newbury.

1871 Census living at Greenham

1875 her 2nd Husband Thomas Showell died on 21st October aged 65

1878 Marriage to John Whiting on June 19th at St Nicolas Newbury.

1881 Census. She is listed as a Nurse at 141 Backway Speen in the house of the Benham family.

Her husband is at home 6 Gas House Lane with her orphaned Grandson Stephen Butt

1891 living with her husband at 96 King Johns Alms Houses Argyll Rd.

1899 her 3rd husband John Whiting died on 18th December 1899. Buried in Newtown Road cemetery

1900 she was living in Hampton Rd. Newbury until her death on 23rd April 1906


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