Frederick Joseph Jesser Harrold, Mason

Author: Ros and David Clow
Date published: 03/01/2015

Frederick Joseph Jesser's father was Frederick William Harrold was born 20th June 1806, his baptism is in St John the Baptist Church records at Frome. He was the son of Henry and Esther, nee Taylor, Harrold. He had brothers Henry Augustus, John who died young, James and Edmund (transported to Tasmania in 1843) and sisters Henrietta and Maria. He was an innkeeper and later wheelwright, coachmaker and landowner died in 1863 and was buried in Marlborough on 29 Dec. 1863

Frederick Joseph Jesser Harrold was born in Temple Cloud, Gloucestershire.  His parents were Frederick William Harrold and Elizabeth Jesser who was born in 1808.  They were married on the 19th February 1827 at St. Michael Bath.  Frederick J J had 2 siblings , Lora Harrold (1831 Beckington - 1913 Marlborough) and Jesse (1838 Temple Cloud - 1882 Hong Kong)

It is interesting that both brothers went to Hong.Kong.  Frederick J J became a mason at the Zetland Lodge in Hong Kong. he joined the Loyal Berkshire Lodge of Hope on 7th November 1884 (when E P Plenty was in the chair), being a member of Zetland Lodge No 525 of Hong Kong (which is still going).  He went through the chair himself in 1892 in the year James Stradling (mayor in 1907) was initiatedHe became an engineer in China. (See newspaper Obits. for full Details of life.)

He retired at 44 (~1880).   He married Elizabeth Harding age 26 in Covent Garden 17 Dec 1880.  

NB Mary was the third of 12 children born to Henry Harding and Lora - who just happens to be the sister of Frederick J J Harrold.  This makes Mary both the wife and a niece of Frederick.

Margot Wheaton has kindly provided the following additional information.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Harrold was the eldest daughter of Frederick J J and Mary; she married Sydney Joseph Knight, a son of Mary and George Mitchell Knight (see elsewhere), Newbury’s Mayor in 1888.  Sydney was a solicitor in Newbury and was very prominent in the church. 

 After Sydney and Lizzie married in 1901 they went to South Africa returning home to Newbury on several occasions with their 4 children

In later life the Harrolds lived on St John's Road in Newbury. Their house was called Kui Kiang, perhaps named after the port in China where Frederick worked as a marine engineer before retiring at the age of 44. Kui Kiang was famous for rice exports and opium imports!

He died on 17 April 1898 aged 61 with probate being the considerable sum of £15212 13 1d

The mayor Edward Gould attended the funeral (He too was a member of the lodge having been initiated in 1894


Sources:Brian Sylvester and Margot Wheaton

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