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Date published: 25/08/2014
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Another old townsman has been removed by death during the week, in the person of Mr. George Porter,who died on Sunday, at the age of 77. Mr. Porter had been in business for many years, first in Bartholomew-street, and in later years in Northbrook-street, his speciality being the curing of bacon. He was one of the old-fashioned type of Newburians who are gradually passing away.

The funeral took place yesterday. The Rector of Newbury conducting the first part of the service in the Parish Church and the interment at the Cemetery.

The mourners were: Mr. Porter (son), Mr. Joseph Porter (grandson), Mr. Sheerman (brother-in-law), Mr. Taylor, London; Mr. D. Sheerman, nephew; Mr. Porter, Ashmansworth; Mr. S. Walter, Mr. Thomas Stillman.

Wreaths and crosses were sent by Mrs. Porter, widow; Mr. and Mrs. Porter, Wantage; son and daughter; Mr. Jos. Porter grandson; Mr. and Mrs. Taylor (grand-daughter). Little Eileen, great grand-daughter; Mr. and Mrs. E. Sheerman, Mr. and Mrs. D. Sheerman, Mr. and Mrs. Attewell, Mrs. Honeychurch and Miss Corin, Mrs. T. Kimber, Speenhamland.

The funeral arrangements were carried out by Mr. H. S. Hanington

Newbury Weekly News 30 March 1899

Mrs. P p 60

BMD Deaths

George Porter aged 77 Newbury 2c 179


Martha Porter (wife) died 14 March 1917 aged 89 at 7 Madeira Place, Newbury

Sources:Newbury Weekly News 30 March 1899

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