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Date published: 30/06/2014
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                    The late Mr Robert Atkinson Ryott- the decease of this gentleman, which has occurred during the past week, has been an event to awaken feelings of a more than usually painful nature on account of the very brief illness by which it was preceded. Mr Ryott was in the enjoyment of good health last Wednesday, although it had been remarked that his general health has of late been somewhat less robust than formerly, as might  indeed be expected from his advancing years. Last Wednesday evening he was present at the Bowling Green, and was engaged in the game, having however, unhappily as it proved, divested himself of his coat, notwithstanding the keen evening air. On the following day a severe attack of acute inflammation of the throat set in, and the medical advice of his son, Mr F.E.Ryott, was at once sought, who finding the serious nature of the case, consulted Dr Bunny. The medical treatment was successful in alleviating the unfavourable symptoms in the throat; but the heart, which was previously diseased, had received such a shock that it could not carry on its function, and a fatal termination of the case speedily ensued, the sad event occurring at half past three o'clock on Sunday morning. It is stated that the deceased gentleman had a presentiment that he would not recover.


          Mr Ryott was a native of Newcastle-on -Tyne, and first came to Newbury as an assistant  in the establishment of the late Mr T.W. Fielder. In 1841 he commenced business as a chemist in Speenhamland, and shortly afterwards he removed to Northbrook Street, to the house now inhabited by Miss Curr; thence to premises (now pulled down) adjacent to the Wesleyan Chapel, subsequently transfer his business to the opposite side of the street.


          During the course of the lengthened residence in Newbury he has filled  most of the municipal and parochial offices of the borough, more particularly those of Town Counsellor and Poor Law Guardian, the former he had held nearly 13 years, having been elected in November 1861, and the latter for the longer period of 14 years. In 1869 he was  chosen as Mayor of Newbury, and again in 1870 was re-elected to the post of Chief Magistrates. During the period he occupied this distinguished position his official conduct was marked by careful attention to its duties and by a courteous affability on all occasions towards those with whom he was brought into contact. As a Poor Law Guardian we believe that he has been uniformly a kind friend to the poor and mindful of the interests of the rate payers.


          Mr Ryott was also one of the earliest Oddfellows in the town, and though for years he had withdrawn from the Order he was ready to the last to give it his active support. In private life he succeeded in maintaining friendly relations with his fellow townsmen of all parties, by whom he was held in high esteem, and his removal in a sudden and painful a manner has elicited deep and sincere regret from all classes. Mr Ryott would, we believe, had he lived till next month, have attained his 66th year. The funeral is fixed for tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock, and the cortège on its way to the Cemetery will be joined at the Town Hall by the Mayor and Corporation.


Died 10 May 1874

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          THE LATE MR R. A. RYOTT- The remains of this much respected gentleman were laid in their last resting place at the Cemetery on Friday last, the burial service being read by the Rector of Newbury. The hearse and carriages containing the relatives and family of the deceased were preceded by a procession of tradesmen, together with the Mayor and Corporation and the mace bearers, the insignia which they carried being dressed with crape. The respectful bearing of the numbers who were present in the streets, and the closed shutters and drawn blinds which prevailed throughout the course, were expressive of the esteem in which the memory of the deceased was held by the townspeople of all classes. The funeral arrangements were conducted by Mr Hanington.


From the Newbury Weekly News


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