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Date published: 29/06/2014
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Baptist Church Funeral Service

Many friends and employees of the building firm with which she had such a long association attended the funeral at Newbury Baptist Church on Friday of Mrs Bessie Chivers, 63, Cheap-street, whose death was reported last week. The service was conducted by the Rev. Brian Whiting.

In the congregation were Mr. and Mrs. Shergold, Miss Margaret Davies, Mr. and Mrs. Scruton, Mr. F.L. Shergold, Mrs. E.E. Hancock, Mrs. M. Sexton, Mrs. A. Butler. Miss V. Thompson, Mr. R. Terry (also representing Mrs. Terry), Mrs. M. Green, Miss M. Langford, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Lewendon, Miss May Jones, Mrs. C.J. Brown, Mrs. H. Chalk, Mr. and Mrs. S. Maccabbee, Mrs. Dubock, Mrs. H. Whiting, Mrs. G. Slater, Mrs. T. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. E. Newman, Miss Sargeant, Mr. W.H. Bentley, Mrs. Wraight, Mr. Arthur Wraight, Mr. G. Brady, Miss K.M. Gould, Mr. A. Giles, Miss Dunster, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Smith. Mrs. L. New, Mrs. C. Paine. Mrs C.F. Moon, Mrs. W. Burrows, Mrs. P.H. Pocock (also representing Mr. Pocock and Mr. John Pocock,), Mrs. L. Piper, Mr. C.F. Moon (Baptist Church secretary), Mr. and Mrs. John Lucas, Mr. A.P. Morton, Dr. R.F. Barclay, Mrs. Hubert Penn, Mrs. Terrett, Mr. H.S. Dolton, Mr. Walter Midwinter, Mrs. E.M. Plomer, Mr. Basil Dolton, Mr. J.B. Robson, Mr. Lewendon, Mr. Butt, Miss M.C.Young, Mr and Mrs. A.R. Gildersleve, Mr. J. Kennedy (also representing Mrs. Kennedy), Miss Else, Mrs. Corbel, Mr. C.H. Freeman, Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Moore, Mr.S. Bastin (also representing Mrs. Bastin), Mr. Arthur Penn, Mr. W.J. Lewendon, Mr. J.J.Terrett, Mrs. Wilde, Miss Ruth Perry, Mrs. H. Carter and Mrs. Eggleton (also representing Mr. Eggleton).

In addition to Mr. W.S. Fuller, present proprietor of the business, and Mrs. Fuller, members of A.J. Chivers' building firm present were Mr. Hayward, Mr. T. Clark, Mr. E. Powers, Mr. F. Palmer, Mr. W. Smith, Mr. G. Powers, Mr. A. Winchcombe, Mr. T. Bailey, Mr. D. Smith, Mr. J. Gore, Mr. A.W. Wraight, Mrs. Ponting, Miss Cullum and Miss New.


A reader writes– The Maternity and Child Welfare Clinic at Newbury has suffered a real loss by the death of Mrs. Bessie Chivers. She had been a regular and devoted supporter for over thirty years. To this cause she gave her sincere affection and service, and will be greatly missed by all the mothers and other helpers.


Newbury Weekly News 14 March 1857

Died 5 March 1857

Mrs. P. p.140 LS(c) 15

Also Arthur

Death not in BMD for 1857

Sources:Newbury Weekly News 14 March 1857 and Mrs P

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