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His many friends in the Newbury District will learn of the death of Police Constable Albert Alexander, which occurred on Saturday in a hospital at Oxford. P.C. Alexander, who was only 44 years of age, had been ill for the past few months following special duty in a “blitzed” town. He was stationed for a number of years at Hungerford, Newbury and Brimpton, being transferred four years ago to Wootton in the Abingdon Division, where he was stationed at the time of his death. He had twenty years service in the Berkshire Constabulary and was a most popular officer.. P.C. Alexander leaves a widow and two children, with whom the utmost sympathy is felt.


Police officers from all parts of the County attended the funeral, which took place yesterday (Wednesday) at the Newtown-road Cemetery, Newbury, where a service was conducted by the Rev. A.A.H. Radice.


The family mourners were: the widow, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander (brother and sister-in-law)Mr. And Mrs. G. Annetts (sister and brother-in-law), Mrs. E. Annetts (sister), Mr and Mrs Daws (sister and brother-in-law), Mrs. Lucas, Mrs. Hughes sisters-in-law, Mr. Deacon (brother-in-law), Mrs Crawshaw, Miss Crawshaw, Mr. Bowley.


There were also present: Supt Crombie, Reading (representing the Chief Constable), Supt Barrett (Abingdon) Supt. Lambourn (Newbury), Inspector Bennett (Newbury), Inspector Burbidge (Faringdon), Inspector East (Wokingham), Inspector Hayter (Abingdon), Inspector Haskins (Maidenhead), Inspector Lidsey (Didcot), Sixteen police sergeants and 54 constables attended in addition to Section Officer Hough and three special constables from Cumnor.


Wreaths were sent from his wife and children; Sheila and Brian; Daisy, Gwen and Jack; Gran; Nin, Whoop and Humphrey; Sid Kit and Monica; Neil, Mabel, Joe, Dorrie and Harry; Peggy and Fred; Eve and George (Shinfield), and Ted and Neil (Burghfield); Phil, Daisy and family;All at Homer Cottage; Four Neighbours; Friends at “The Bystander”; Mr. Trinder, Edith and Margery; Mr. and Mrs. Sayer and Ken; Mr. and Mrs. Binning and family; Inspector and Mrs Huckins;Mr. And Mrs. G. Tomkins; Mr. and Mrs. Moreton and John; Mr. and Mrs Meadows and family; Mr. and Mrs. Buzzard and family;Mr. And Mrs. Rowse and family; Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Gooden; Mr. and Mrs. Wing, Cumnor Post Office,Mr. And Mrs. Brewer and family; Children and teachers of Dry Sanden School; Home Guards of Wootton-road; White Hill Dairy; Air Raid Wardens, Lower Wootton; Chief Constable, Officers and Constables of the Berkshire Constabulary; Officers and Constables of the Newbury Division; Cumnor Police and Special Constables; Comrades of the Abingdon Division; Officers and Constables of the Maidenhead Division; Officers and Constables of the Wokingham Division.


BMD Deaths Mar Q 1941 Albert Alexander aged 44 Oxford 3a 3460


Source? Possibly Newbury Weekly News

Sources:BMD and possibly Newbury Weekly News

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