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Date published: 17/06/2014
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We regret to record the death of Mr. Arthur Charles Wombwell, of the Firs, Wash Common, which occurred on Saturday last at the comparatively early age of 54. Just over a week ago, the deceased gentleman seemed in his natural health, but he contracted pneumonia, and died on Saturday after a few days illness.


Arthur Charles Wombwell came of a well-known Yorkshire family, of which his brother Sir Henry Wombwell of Newburgh Park, Easingwold, the fifth baronet, is the head. He was also a cousin of the Countess of Carnarvon. He was a fine figure of a man, standing well over six feet, and for many years was in the Grenadier Guards. Son of Mr. C. Oxley [?] Wombwell, he was educated at Harrow, and married Miss Maxwell-Heron, daughter of Capt. Maxwell-Heron. Since he has resided at the Firs he has lived the life of a country gentleman, but has always taken an interest in town affairs, and with his second son, who is at Harrow, he figured in the Mayoral procession to church last Christmas morning. He leaves a widow and two sons; Claude, who is in the Seaforth Highlanders in India and Richard who is at Harrow.




The funeral which was numerously attended, took place yesterday (Wednesday) at the Old Cemetery, Newtown-road, the first part of the service being at St John's Church. The officiating clergy were the Rev. W.S. Edgell, assisted by the Rev. T.C. Tylee. The hymns “Nearer my God to Thee” and “Lead kindly Light” were sung and as the body was borne from the church the organist, Mr. A.H. Drury, F.R.C.O., played the Dead March in “Saul”.

The mourners included Major R. Wombwell (cousin), Mrs Falkner, General Gascoigne, Mrs Booth, Mr. Stancomb, Mr. Stehn [?], Mrs Kemble, Mr. B. Heron-Maxwell, Mrs B. Maxwell-Heron, Mr. Dixon Brown and Mr. R. Gardiner.

In addition there were also present at the church;- Dr. Hemsted, Major and Mrs. Littledale, Mr. Cyril Tubbs, Mr. Cecil Ward, Mr. Graham Robertson, Mr. Lionel Portman, Mr. C.R. De la Salle, Mr. G. Alston, Miss Valpy, Mrs. Tyler, Mrs. E.L. Staples, Mrs. and Miss Salway, Mrs. A. Purton, Mrs. S. Purton, Miss Purton, Mrs. Hutchins, Miss Doe, Mrs. C. New, Mrs. W. New, Mrs. T. Martin, Miss K. Martin, Mr. W.H.H. Court, Mr. J.L. Ward, and Miss Burgess, in charge of the Newbury Boy Scouts.


Wreaths were sent by the following; Mrs. Wombwell, Mr. C. Wombwell, Mr. M. Wombwell,, Sir Henry and Lady Wombwell, Major, Mrs. and Miss Wombwell, Mr. and Mrs. Stamford Booth and Mr. P. Wombwell, Lieut.-Colonel Maxwell-Heron, Mrs. Maxwell-Heron, Mrs. Basil, Mr. T. and Miss Maxwell-Heron and Mrs. Carlos Casey [?], Sir James and Lady Bruce, Mrs. Falkner, Mrs. and Miss Gacoigne, Brigadier-General and Mrs. F. Gascoigne, Mrs. and the Misses Kemble, Sir W. and Lady Dalrymple Hay, Mrs. and the Misses Kerr, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Aird, Miss Valpy and Miss C.M. Valpy, Lady Taylor and the Misses Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Stancomb, Mrs. Graham Loyd and Mrs. C. Micklem, Mr. and Mrs. R. Gardiner, Mdlle Dumas, Sir William Maycock, Mrs. Gordon Swinley and Sonnie, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Ward, Mr. J. Alexander, Capt. And Mrs. Cyril B. Tubbs, Mr. and Mrs Alston, Mr. W. and Mr. A.S. Mathews, Miss Bruxner, Miss L. Tye (Nannie), Miss Power, Mr. A.F. Clarke, Mrs. and Miss Armstrong, Mrs. and Miss Adey, Newbury 3rd Boy Scouts, the indoor staff at “The Firs”, and the Working Men's Club, Wash Common.


Funeral arrangements by Messrs. Camp Hopson and Co.Ltd.



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