Ellen Hollands

Date published: 22/05/2014
© Newbury Weekly News 28 November 1904 p.6





Member of Old Newbury Family


The death took place on Tuesday last week at her home, Bankside, Greenham of Mrs. Ellen Hollands, a member of an old Newbury family and widow of the late Mr. Henry Hollands, a partner in the firm of Hollands Bros., until recently carrying on the trade of millers and corn dealers at Greenham Mills. Of a character genial, sympathetic and active in good works, Mrs Hollands, who was 78 years of age, was highly respected by a large number of friends. She interested herself especially in the scheme for assisting the Berkshire Hospitals, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and Dr Barnardo's Homes.


The interment took place at the Old Cemetery, Newtown-road, after a service at the Baptist Church conducted by the Rev. A.J. Stanton.


The mourners were Mr. Alfred Hollands (son), Mrs. Williams (sister), Mr. and Mrs. T. Beasley (nephew and niece), Mr. H. Duke (cousin) and Mr. F. Andrews.


Among those present in the church were Mr C.W. Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Shepherd, Mr. N. Liddiard, Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Morton, Mrs France Belk, Mrs Davey, Mrs. Bradwell, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Combes, Mrs. Boyle, Mr. W. Hall, Mrs. Haynes Chivers, Mrs. J. King, Mr. annd Mrs. F. Adams, Mr. and Mrs. W. Hancock, Miss Fielder, Mrs W. New, Miss New, Mrs. S.L. Green, Miss Harrison, Mrs. Collins, Miss H. Willis, Mrs. Langford, Mr. and Mrs. Huntley, Mrs. Bushnell.


Wreaths were sent from: Her son Alfred, Sister Maggie and sons; Alf and Hettie; Tom and Maggie and sons; Tom and Madeleine; the Duke family and Mr. and Mrs. B. Jones; Mr. F. Andrews; Mr. and Mrs. Huntley; Captain and Mrs. Smith-Carrington and all at Greenham Mill House; Fred and Elsie; Mrs.L. King; Miss Percy; Mrs. Langford; Miss Reid; Mr. and Mrs. Franklin; Edith and Bert; Mr. and the Misses Fielder; Jack, France, Lorna and John; Miss Talmage; Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Shepherd; Mr. and Mrs. F. Cox and Gertrude; Florence, Lillie and Ada.



Newbury Weekly News 28 Nov. 1940 p.6


BMD Death Dec Q 1940 Newbury 2c 748 aged 78 born 1862

Mrs Pattison p 163 P 29


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