Alice Kate Nias (Mrs T M Nias)

Date published: 22/05/2014
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The funeral took place yesterday (Wednesday) of a lady who was a member of a family that holds the unique record of having provided five Mayors of various towns in the south of England. Mrs Nias was sister of Alderman Alfred Jackson, twice Mayor of Newbury, whilst four other brothers have occupied the position of Chief Magistrate in the following towns. Mr. Henry Jackson, Basingstoke; the late Mr. Alfred Jackson, Rochester; and Mr. Edward Jackson, Reading.


The deceased lady was born at the family home at Sherfield, near Basingstoke, and in 1883 came to Newbury as accountant for her brother. She married the late Mr. Thomas Merriman Nias, whose family had for generations been connected with the trade and town. Like her late husband, Mrs. Nias occupied a prominent position in connection with the Newbury Baptist Church, of which she was assistant treasurer, and when it was decided to appoint ladies to the diaconate, she was one of the first chosen. Other public work which she undertook was in connection with preventive and rescue work in the town. She was Secretary of the Boot Club association with the Children's Welfare Committee, and an official and worker of the British Women's Temperance Association. She died on Sunday at a nursing home in London following an operation.


The first part of the funeral took place at the Baptist Church, the mourners attending being Mr. and Mrs. Somerset Nias (son and daughter-in-law), Miss Lucy Jackson (sister), Mr. Alfred Jackson, Mr. Howard Jackson, Mr Edward Jackson (brothers), Miss Bentall (niece); Mr. H. Bentall and Mr. Frank Bentall (nephews); Mr. Drew and Miss Swain. Amongst those also present in the church were Mr. and Mrs. Mac Davies, Mr. T. Waite, Mr. and Mrs. John Wyse, Mr. J. Miller, Mr. A.P. Morton, Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Morton, Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. W. Penford, Mrs. T.W. Turner, Mrs. Collins, Miss Dolton, Mrs. Poulton, Miss Fidler, Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Tallyn, Mrs. Beer, Miss J. Midwinter, Miss Edith Midwinter, Mr. W.C. Gale, Mrs. Pocock, Mr. and Mrs P.J. Scruton, Mrs. J.H. Thompson, Mr. Vince, Miss Vince, Mrs. Sneath.


The service was impressively taken by the Rev. C.V. Pike, the Pastor, who delivered a funeral oration, and the hymns sung were “There is a land of pure delight”, and “God holds the key of all unknown.”

The interment was in the Old Cemetery. There were many wreaths, the senders including relatives and friends, the British Women's Temperance Association, and the Deacons of the Baptist Church.

Newbury Weekly News 1921(?)


Birth Jun Q 1855 Basingstoke 2c 151

Married as second wife Thomas Merriman Nias Mar Q 1888

Died Dec Q 1920 aged 65 Paddington 1a 60


Sources:Newbury Weekly News and BMD

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