Lucy New and her family in Newbury.

Author: Jan Saunders
Date published: 19/04/2017
© Jan Saunders


Lucy New and her family in Newbury.

Lucy Wootten married our Daniel New,

Daniel New was a Hawker in Newbury.

Lucy was born on 11.5.1794, daughter of William & Jane Brindley, she came from Cheslyn Hay, Staffordshire. She married firstly Thomas Wootton when she was 18 years of age, at Newbury, on the 11.7.1812.

Thomas he was an Earthenware Dealer and they lived in Wash Street, Newbury.

Lucy and Thomas Wootton had the following children during their marriage:

1. Hannah bap 1.4.1814 Newbury d. 4.7.1813 aged 10 months

2. Sarah bap. 1815 Newbury d. 9.3.1822 aged 7 years 3 months

3. Mary bap. 17.7.1816 Newbury d. 30.12.1816 aged 6 months

4. Elizabeth bap. 26.12.1817 Newbury d. 8.4.1818 aged 4 months

5. Jane bap 10.3.1819 Newbury married Robert Reeves Randall and moved to London

6. Clara bap. 25.12.1822 Newbury d. 3.11.1823 aged 11 months

7. Caroline bap. 6.3.1825 Newbury d. 6.10.1827 aged 2 years 7 months.


Lucy’s first husband Thomas Wootton died on the 15th July, 1825 aged 36 years.

Lucy then married her second husband Daniel New at Reading (not far from Newbury) on the 8.7.1826 when she was 32 years of age. Lucy brought just two remaining children into this marriage, namely Jane and also Caroline for a short time, as she died the next year.


Lucy & Daniel New then had children

1. Martha b. 1826 Newbury m Edwin Collins (Engineer)

2. Lucy b. 1830 Newbury m. Samuel Gibbs (Policeman with London Metropolitan Police for many years, Constable, Sergeant, Detective)

3. John b. 1832 Newbury m. Helen Thorn (John, Policeman with London Metropolitan Police for a period of time).

4. Charles b. 1835 Newbury (Carpenter) m. Mary Ann Clifford settled in London. and had John New the Policeman and other children during their marriage.  John was severely beaten and terribly injured when he was a London Metropolitan Policeman


Lucy lived a long life and died in Newbury in 1879 aged 85 years.

Daniel died in Newbury in 1871 aged 79 years. Both of them were buried at the Old Newtown Road Cemetery.

Jan Saunders who compiled the biography comments:-  So sad, she lost all of those children during her first marriage, so very hard to comprehend, not unusual in those days, I guess.


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