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Date published: 22/01/2014
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          The death of Alderman Knight has evoked a widespread expression of public sympathy and regret. The funeral was a remarkable demonstration of respect and esteem. It was not surprising, for, he was a man who touched public life at all points and in many aspects, civic, ecclesiastic, Masonic, political, business, institutional. He had done his best to serve his native town, and although it is often said  the public man gets little gratitude in life, at any rate there was no lack of appreciation after death. Ald. Knight had had the satisfaction of witnessing the completion of nearly all movements with which he had been associated. His death leaves a gap in town life, and it is for the younger men to take up his work and copy his example of persevering efforts for the general welfare.


          There are not wanting signs that the actual work of constructing the new station will soon be in progress. A number of men were engaged on Sunday in preliminary operations, and the fact that notice has been given of intention to apply for a license for the refreshment rooms shows that business is meant.


          The people who delight in superstitious omens could not fail to connect the snapping of the flag-staff on Friday with the death of Alderman Knight. It is true the flag was hoisted in his memory, and that the staff was within his sphere of administration as chairman of the Estates Committee, but it is also a fact that the pole was rotten at the point where it snapped. The falling of the ceiling is also attributable to causes not acceptable in the superstitious world. It really was brought about by the rain dripping through the roof and rotting the beam. The workman's weight sent it crashing through the ceiling. Happily nobody was injured, but the cloud of dust caused rumours of an alarming kind to circulate.


Newbury Weekly News 23 January 1908

Sources:Newbury Weekly News 23 January 1908

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