Thorn family of Newbury and London, England

Date published: 07/08/2013

THORN FAMILY Of Newbury And London, England

EDMUND THORN was born c.1791 Newbury, his occupation being Shoemaker, or Cordwainer. Edmund’s father’s name was James Thorn.

On the 22nd July, 1811 Edmund Thorn aged 20 years married Elizabeth Norris also aged 18 years. Elizabeth was the daughter of George and Sarah Norris (nee Ford), Mother Sarah born approximately 1741.

In the early years of their marriage, Edmund & Elizabeth Thorn were shown in the Toomer census of 1815 created by the Mayor of Newbury, Joseph Toomer, as living at Clarks Buildings, which is west of Bartholomew Street, Newbury. This census was a snapshot of Newbury on the eve of Waterloo, indicating population of 5309 people. At that time they had the following children, George aged 4, James 2 years and Sarah Norris aged 74 years living at this address.

Edmund and Elizabeth had 13 children during their marriage, details of their children are as follows:

EDMUND GEORGE b.23/8/1811 (Shoemaker)
JAMES b. 18/6/1813 (Shoemaker)
HENRY b. 27/7/1815 – d. 17/5/1837 aged 21 years
ANN b. 11/6/1818
WILLIAM b. 27/2/1819
CAROLINE b. 6/12/1820 (Shoebinder)
CHARLES b. 17/7/1823
ALFRED b. 9/3/1827 (Servant)
FREDERICK DUNNE b. 9/6/1828 (Shoemaker)
10. AUGUSTIN (Augustus) b. 6/3/1830 (Shoemaker)
11. HELEN (Ellen) b. 4/7/1832 d. 5/9/1911 – 79 years
12. FANNY (Twin) b. 26/12/1833 d. 9/5/1834 aged 5 months
13. JOSEPH (Twin) b. 26/12/1833 (Shoemaker)

During their marriage Edmund & Elizabeth lived at Bartholomew Street, Newbury in 1841 census, 1851 census shows them as living at Gibbs Yard, Newbury, where Edmund and his family conducted the business as a Shoemaker (Cordwainer)

1841 census shows Edmund & Elizabeth living with their children Caroline 15, William 13, Alfred 11, Frederick 8, August 6, Ellen 4 and Joseph 2.

1851 census shows Edmund & Elizabeth at Gibbs Yard with just two of their children living at home, Ellen aged 19 and Joseph aged 17.

On the 3rd February, 1855 Elizabeth Thorn died at Hazell’s Yard, Bartholomew Street, Newbury, aged 62 years, from Dropsy (Oedema). Her daughter-in-law Margaret Jane Thorn (wife of Edmund George Thorn) was in attendance at her death. Edmund Thorn was shown as being a Cordwainer, Journeyman at that time.

At the age of 64 years Edmund Thorn remarried on the 25th May, 1856 at St. Margarets Church, Westminster, London to HANNAH NUTTER (nee Frost), aged 55 years, a Widow, daughter of George Frost.

Both Edmund and Hannah were shown as living at 1 Eliza Place, Little Chapel Street. Son-in-law Edward Sutton and daughter Ann Thorn were shown as witnesses to the marriage, on the marriage certificate St. Margarets Church is situated in the grounds of Westminster Abbey, originally founded in the 12th century by Benedictine monks.

1861 census shows Edmund and Hannah as living at 33 East Street, Marylebone, London, aged 69 years and 59 years respectively with youngest son Joseph Thorn aged 25 years, both Edmund and Joseph following the trade of Boot Maker.

Edmund Thorn died on the 1st May, 1866 at New Alms Houses,Newbury in 1866 aged 74 years. He died from Phthisis Pulmonalis,(T.B.) and his wife Hannah Thorn was present at his death. At the time of his death, Edmund’s occupation was Almsman, formerly Shoemaker.

Descendant family details are as under:
EDMUND GEORGE THORN b. 23/8/1811(Shoemaker) m. 22/5/1832 Margaret J. May (Shoebinder)
Children are:

Elizabeth b. 1834
Esther b. 1837
Alfred b. 1840 (Shoemaker)
Margaret b. 1842
George b. 1845
James b. 1848
Caroline b. 1850

Family lived at Bartholomew Street, Newbury 1841 and 1851 census, in 1855 living at Simmon’s Yard, Northbrook Street, Newbury and at 1 Albert Place, Newbury 1861 census.

JAMES THORN b. 18/6/1813 (Shoemaker) m. 29/7/1835 Maria Dibley

Children are:
1. Henry b. 1846 (Shoemaker)
2. Catherine b. 1844
3. Charles b. 1848

Family lived in Bartholomew Street, Newbury – 1851 and 1861 census.
James Thorn employed 10 men, 5 women & 1 boy as a Shoemaker

HENRY THORN b. 27/7/1815 d. 17/5/1837 aged 21 years
ANN THORN b. 11/6/1818 b. 11/6/1818
WILLIAM THORN b. 27/2/1819

CAROLINE THORN b. 6/12/1820 m. 1844 Edward Sutton, Drayman
Children are:

1. Henry b. 1845 (Printer)
2. James b. 1854
3. Charles b. 1859 b. Westminster London. Family lived in Newbury and then 28 Great Chapel Street, Westminster London in 1861 census.

CHARLES THORN b. 17/7/1823

ALFRED THORN b. 9/3/1827 (Servant) m. 1852 Elizabeth Ayliff

Children are:

1. Maria b. 1853
2. Frank b. 1857

Family lived at 3 Lordross Street, Paddington in 1861 census

FREDERICK DUNNE THORN b. 9/6/1828 (Shoemaker) m. Ann
Children are:

1. Frederick b. 1846
2. Charles b. 1850
3. Clara b. 1855
4. Rose b. 1853
5. Albert b. 1861
6. Elijah

Family lived at Union Chapel Yard, Newbury in 1851 census,
2 Newcastle Mews, Paddington, London 1861 census
131 Earl Street, Marylebone 1891 census

AUGUSTIN (Augustus) THORN b. 6/3/1830 (Shoemaker) m. 1852 Mary White – Augustin died 10.1.1904 aged 74 years, wife Mary died 7.4.1911 aged 80 years. Son Alfred d. 23.3.1934 aged 77 years. All buried at Old Newtown Road Cemetery, Newbury.
Children are:

1. William b. 1853
2. Thomas b. 1855
3. Alfred b. 1857
4. Mary A b. 1859
5. Eliza b. 1861
6. George b. 1872

Family lived at Drummer, Newbury (Drummer Arms Hotel) in Newbury 1861 census
Clifton House, Newbury in 1891 census

HELEN (Ellen) THORN b. 4/7/1832 m. 1853 John New, Policeman
Children are

1. Charles b. 1854
2. Edmund b. 1856
3. Rosa Ann b. 1862
4. Ellen b. 1863
5. John b. 1865
6. Jane b. 1868
7. Elizabeth b. 1870
8. Walter b. 1873
9. Daniel b. 1876

Family lived initially at London, 10 Hall Place, Paddington, London and then Newbury for the rest of their lives as follows:
1861 Census: Lodging with his parents Daniel & Lucy New
1871 Census: Living at Old Road, Newbury
1881 census: Living at Shrewsbury Terrace, Newbury
1891 census: Living at 1 North Cottages, Newbury
1901 census: Living at Old Newtown Road.

Ellen was living at St. Marys Almshouses, Newbury on her death 5/9/1911

FANNY THORN (Twin) b. 26/12/1833 d. 9/5/1834 aged 5 months

JOSEPH THORN (Twin) b. 26/12/1833 m. Mary
Lived at Paddington, London 1891 census

Ralph Thorn b. 1884 was son of Thomas Thorn, Thomas being son of Augustin & Mary Thorn.

Thomas Thorn was born 1855 and married Mahalah Canning in 1879.
Ralph was killed during the First World War in France in 1917.
He lived in Newbury, and married the daughter of racehorse trainer James East.
The War Memorial at East Ilsley near Newbury includes Ralph Thorn, as shown in attached papers.


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