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Date published: 07/02/2013
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The injuries to William Taylor, received through a newspaper catching fire proved so serious, that as anticipated in our last week's issue, death resulted from the same.


          Taylor was 87 years of age, and was an inmate of Raymond's New Almshouses. On Saturday afternoon the 16th, he was sitting by his fireside reading a newspaper, and as he was turning it, a portion of the paper caught fire, and blazed out pretty fiercely. He was alone at the time, and being naturally rather feeble was unable to extinguish the flames as promptly as a younger man might have done. The old man's wife was in the wood-house at the time, but hearing cries for help, Eliza Adams, rushed out of her grandfather's house next door, and assisted to extinguish the flames with which the old man was enveloped. The burning paper had ignited his handkerchief and apron, so that it was a wonder he was not burnt to death. When Mrs. Taylor returned, the worst of the fire was over, but her husband was suffering very much from the shock to his nerves. Dr Birch was sent for, and immediately dressed the injuries, which were severe about the face, the hands and the left thigh. He continued his attendance until death ensued on Sunday morning. Death was undoubtedly caused by the shock to the system, and exhaustion consequent upon the burns.


          An inquest was held on Monday evening, at the “London Apprentice” by Dr. Watson, Borough Coroner, and a jury of whom Mr. Alfred Cooper  was foreman. Evidence was given by Mrs Elizabeth Taylor, the widow, Eliza Adams, and Dr. Birch, and the jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death.” The deceased was a shoemaker by trade, but of late years had been unable to follow his occupation.


Newbury Weekly News 28 February 1895


BMD William Taylor born March Q 1895 Reference Newbury 2c 207

Sources:Newbury Weekly News 28 February 1895

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