Job Wells business and family

Date published: 23/03/2022

How did this Newbury-London connection come about?



First of all, it would be wise to offer some historical background on this business, which spans several generations of established local families. Note, there are many individuals named Edward, John, and Job, so take it slow...



The wine merchants began under the ownership of Edward Pointer (?-1794).


In October 1786, Edward was succeeded by his son-in-law, John Haskins Snr. (1745-1816).


John's son, Edward Pointer Haskins (1791-1841), then inherited the business. However, by November 1830, Edward was facing financial difficulties and transferred control of the business to his brother, John Haskins Jr. (1789-1861).


In April 1835, John retired due to ill health and his nephew, Job Wells (1813-1874), assumed full ownership of his maternal uncle's business. The pair had been business partners beforehand under the trading name, Haskins & Wells.



Job's father, Job Wells (1777-1831), a Wallingford man, became married to Ann Wells, a member of a longstanding Newbury family. Marrying into the Haskins family ergo meant that Job Well's descendants became the new proprietors of the Haskins family wine business. Sometime before the death of Job Snr. in 1831, the family relocated from Wallingford to Newbury.


Oxfordshire and Berkshire MapOxfordshire and Berkshire Map
Map highlighting the towns of Newbury and Wallingford located in the counties of West Berkshire and Oxfordshire respectively. Image Credit: Google Maps / Non-Commercial Use


1871 census records list that the wine merchants employed three resident servants and overall it seems to have been performing well. Meanwhile, Job Jr.'s family life was marred by tragedy. Out of his eight children, only one lived to see old age. This was Edward Wells (1847-1927). Edward's youngest sibling died at just twenty weeks of age! Edward had been assisting his father with running the business and therefore became his successor following Job's death.



Eventually, the business passed into the hands of Edward's son, Edward Giffard Wells (1873-1941). Berkshire Electoral Registers dated between 1920-1935 register Edward and his family as living at 14 Market Place in Newbury, presumably the same address as his wine business. The business previously operated out of Northbrook Street when it was owned by Edward Pointer Haskins.



Edward Giffard Wells retired in 1939, after which time the business appears to have left the Wells family.Job Welss


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