David Tarrant

Date published: 07/02/2013





          Last evening J.C. Pinniger, Esq., Coroner for West Berks. held an inquest at the “Adam and Eve,” Greenham, on the body of David Tarrant, who was found on the previous evening in the river Kennett, near First Bridge. From the evidence taken it appeared that deceased, who was 37 years of age, was a builder's clerk. Suffering in  health from excessive work he was advised by his doctor to take a change, and accordingly came on a visit to his brother, Mr. Henry Tarrant, of Greenham, and had been in the habit of taking long walks during his stay here in company with his nephew, about 11 years of age. Deceased had not been so well lately, and on Tuesday afternoon accompanied his wife and nephew as far as the post office, his wife going inside to get a money order cashed. Whilst she was in the post office deceased walked away in the direction of the church, and the little boy went as far as Messrs. Banting's, but, thinking his aunt would miss them, returned, and both of them went in search of the deceased, but were not able to trace in which direction he had gone. Information was given to the police, and at half-past eight the hat and handkerchief of deceased were found at the water's edge at First Bridge, and the body was subsequently taken from the water by Supt. Bennett. Deceased's watch had stopped at 28½ minutes past five, and his pocket was found £2 1s. 6d. Together with three letters. Just at the point where the body was found was a turning in the bank, and the footmark was very near the edge of the water.


          The Jury returned a verdict of “Found drowned.”


Buried 21 November 1874 aged 37


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