Date published: 15/03/2022

Henry Gore (1857-1942) - Artist

Henry Gore was born in Newbury (Northbrook St.). When his father George died in 1864, they were taken in by his mother’s brother, William Chubb in Speenhamland. William was a hairdresser and active in the Congregational Church.

After winning a national competition, he attended the Royal Academy Schools.  He sold many paintings and exhibited widely. My favourite painting is ‘Listed’, which hangs today in London Guildhall. It shows a young man saying farewell to his sweetheart as he goes off to war.

Gore lived at 3, Donnington Square where he had a studio in the back garden. A contemporary of Vincent Van Gogh his style was much less experimental.

Three of his paintings are still owned by his family. They have given us permission to show them on our website.




In Disgrace by Henry Gore



Listed by Henry Gore


Ros Clow May 2021


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