Frederick Chivers

Author: Sylvia Sellwood
Date published: 10/12/2014

Frederick Chivers ( 1828 — 1900 ) 1851 Census Sawyer's labourer living Brown's Yard, Newbury St Nicolas. With parents David — sawyer's labourer b. 1799 and Mary b. 1801. Brothers William 12 yrs., David 8 yrs., and **James 10 yrs. Sisters Eliza 14 yrs and Martha 17 yrs. Lodger Thomas Stocker, sawyer's labourer. 1851 Married **Jane Gibbons b. 1826 1861 Census- Living in Knight's Yard, Cheap Street **Frederick (1828 — 1900) a bricklayer journeyman and wife **Jane (1826 — 1881). Also step sons George Gibbons Hayward ( 14) and Frederick John Gibbons. And sons Arthur James Chivers - ** 6yrs., Thomas William Chivers ** 4 yrs., Alfred Phillip - ** 2 yrs., and Samuel Edward 1 yr. 1871Census Living at Westfields A builder
Wife Jane, Stepson Frederick John Gibbons — bricklayer, sons James and Alfred Phillip-both bricklayer's labourers, son Edward Samuel aged 11 and daughters Sarah Jane aged 7yrs. and Kate Maria aged 2yrs.
1881 Census Builder employing two men and two boys living in West Fields. Wife Jane b. 1826. Sons **Thomas 25yrs., **Alfred R 13yrs., Albert E lyrs. and daughter Mary S J 17yrs. Thomas and Alfred bricklayers. Albert born in Paddington, others born in Newbury.
1881 Married Eliza Greetham 1891 Census Greengrocer living in Bartholomew Street age 63 yrs. Wife Eliza 43yrs., b.1838. Stepson Edward Greetham b.1876 and Frederick son b. 1886 Died 1900 age 73 yrs. ** See own records Sources Findmypast


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