The Bunny Family

Author: Bryce Bunny
Date published: 11/08/2011

Posted 11 August 2011 7.39am GMT

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Hello Hugo et al, sorry I missed you when you were in Sydney. Some more information on the Bunny Family.


Brice Frederick was my great grandfather. The info I have is that Jere was Brice's father, followed by Joseph Bunny, Bland Buck Bunny, Edmund Bunny, Robert Bunny and Richard Bunny (born 15 ??) of Ibthorpe in the parish of Hurstbourne. I am not sure when they moved to Newbury, however Blandy Buck was buried there in 1777.
Now for the interesting bit. There is a development called Donnington Square (now it is within Newbury) it was called the Clay Pit. 1848 Jere Bunny purchased the Clay Pit. 1851 Jere sells 4 plots to a Newbury builder named John Dyne. 1852 Jere conveys the principle part of the land to his son Henry for £4,200. 1852 John Dyne seems to be in financial strife (sic) 1853 Henry Bunny conveys the land and some houses to Richard Shaw for £6,000. 1853 Richard Shaw borrows £6,000 from Edward Brice Bunny and Charles Slocock and defaults on payments. 1853 Henry Bunny sails to New Zealand, Two days later Jere dissolves the law partnership and disinherits him. [Ouch]


1854 a few months later — Jere Bunny dies at Speen Hill. 1855 Edward Brice Bunny, Jere's brother and banker ends up in Donnington Square. They remain in his family until 1919. 1865 Edward Brice Bunny dies and his son Edward John Bunny inherits all his land. 1877 Edward John Bunny changes his surname to St. John and his children take this name too.


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