Joseph Bolton

Author: Alison Price
Date published: 22/06/2014

Joseph Bolton was born in the village of Peasemore.  He was grandfather to the author's paternal grandmother Elsie Dove (nee Bolton).  He started oyt as an agricultural labourer but then became a post office messanger/letter carrier at NorthHeath, Chieveley.  By then he was married to Emma and in the 1870s returned to Peasemore and became the Postmaster, living at the Post Office.

In 1881 they were living at Wilton Cottages Andover Road.  These are now demolished.  Joseph Bolton became a gardener/domestic ay Hill House Greenham (Westwood Road area) living for a while at that house.

By 1901 he was back at Wilton Cottages Andover Road fro where it is believed he died.

Joseph and Emma had seven children


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