William Obed Willis

Author: Gerald Soper
Date published: 26/01/2022


                                    William Obed Willis (1900 – 1968)

                                    Mabel Willis (1902 – 1925)


William Obed Willis was born on 25 June 1900 in Newbury, the son of Edward and Phyllis, nee Wilkins, Willis. In the 1901 census he was recorded with his parents along with sisters Marion aged 5, Kate aged 3 and Mildred aged 2 and brother Edward aged 3 at Hampton Road in Newbury. Edward was a general labourer. William’s father Edward died on 21 December 1907 at the National Hospital in London.


William attended St John’s infant school and then on 1 April 1908 started at St Nicolas Church of England school. He left the school on 31 July 1915 and his intended occupation was recorded as errand boy.


In the 1911 census William was recorded with his mother along with sister Mildred aged 11 and brothers Edward Joseph aged 13, Arthur Henry aged 7 and Thomas James aged 2 at Hampton Road in Newbury. His mother Phyllis was recorded a charwoman.


Mabel Rawlings was born on 26 October 1902 in Newbury, the daughter of Brice and Mabel, nee Carter, Rawlings. In the 1911 census she was recorded with her parents along with sisters Bertha Matilda aged 10, Dorothy Hester aged 6 and Doris aged 4 and brother Edward Brice aged 1 at 2 Rosemary Terrace, Enborne Road in Newbury. Brice was a plasterer.


Mabel attended St John’s infant school and then on 4 April 1910 started at St Nicolas Church of England school. She left the school on 20 September 1916. She was allowed to leave in year 14 as she was wanted by her mother.


William and Mabel married in 1922 in Newbury. A daughter Hilda Kate was born on 18 December 1922 in Newbury.


Mabel Willis died March 1925 while living at 23 Derby Road and she was buried at Newtown Road Cemetery on 11 March 1925.


In September 1939 when the national register was taken William was living at 9 Hampton Road with his mother and brother Thomas. William was recorded as a laundry storeman and Thomas as a wood sawyer.


William Willis died 21 January 1968 while living at 9 Hampton Road and he was buried at Newtown Road Cemetery on 3 February 1968. He left a will and probate was granted on 15 March 1968 at Oxford. The value of the estate was £1,941.


William and Mabel’s daughter Hilda married Albert Tyler in 1955 in Newbury. She continued to live at 9 Hampton Road and was still living there on 15 February 1991 when she died.


The parents of both William and Mabel were buried at Newtown Road Cemetery. William’s father Edward Willis on 2 January 1908 and his mother Phyllis on 4 February 1950. Mabel’s father Brice Rawlings was buried on 25 March 1942 and her mother Mabel on 29 July 1974.


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