Harriett Alice Jackson

Date published: 29/06/2013
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Harriett Alice Jackson

The New York Times


JACKSON> On Jan 29 1897 at Bergen Point N. J. Harriett Alice, wife of Herbert E. Jackson aged 35 years  Funeral Tuesday Feb 2 1897 at Trinity Church, Bergen Point at 1.30 P.M.


The NWN   Feb  1897



The Late Mrs Herbert Jackson - A feeling of deep and sincere sympathy has been, awakened by the Intelligence of the unexpected decease of this lady, the wife of Mr. Herbert Jackson, who occupies a responsible position in the Lawyers' Trust Insurance Co., of New York, and is the son of Mr. Alderman Jackson of this town; the deceased being the daughter of Mr. Penford, of Donnington Square.  Satisfactory accounts had been previously received as to Mrs Jackson’s health, and it was therefore a severe shock to her relatives and friends to be informed of her death by cablegram, on Saturday week. ! Letters in confirmation of the distressing news have since been received. In accordance with the express desire of the deceased lady herself, and of; her bereaved husband, the remains are being conveyed per Steamship Paul, to Southampton, thence by rail to Newbury for interment in Mr. Penford’s family vault. Mrs. Herbert Jackson will be well remembered as Miss Alice Penford, her musical abilities causing her to be greatly in request, while her kindness of disposition endeared her to a large circle of friends, by whom her untimely death is deeply mourned She left England in April, 1895, her marriage with Mr. Herbert Jackson taking place immediately on her arrival in New York. She leaves an infant son, born a fortnight previous to her death. Up to last evening, we understand that the vessel had not yet reached Southampton.



The Reading Chronicle Feb 1897

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The Late Mrs. Herbert Jackson. – Much  sympathy has been expressed this week with the families of Mr. William Penford, of Donnington square, and Alderman Jackson, of Lyndham-villas, Si. John’s road. in consequence of the bereavement they have sustained by the unexpected death of Mrs. Herbert Jackson, which occurred at her home in New York. The deceased, who was well known and much respected io Newbury, was the daughter of Mr. Penford, of Northbrook-street, and the intelligence of her sudden death, which reach­ed here by cablegram, was received with much regret by a numerous circle of relatives and friends.


The NWN   Feb  1897


The Late Mrs. Herbert Jackson. — The funeral of this lady, the particulars of whose death were given in a. previous issue, took place on Saturday. Leaving New York on the 3rd inst, the s.s. “ St Paul.’ which was due on Wednesday but had been delayed by fog, did not reach Southampton until ten o’clock on Friday night. The body was on Saturday morning transferred to the railway, and reached Newbury at midday. It was nearly half­ past three, however, before the cortege arrived at the cemetery, the body being met by -he Rev. E. H. Titchmarsh, M. A., by whom the burial service was conducted. There were present a large number of persons, whose reverential and sympa­thetic demeanour were in keeping with the affecting circumstances and the grief of the mourners; the latter included Mr. Penford and Alderman Jackson (father and father-in-law). Miss Jackson (sister-in-law), Mr. W. W Penford and Rev. E. J. Penford (brothers), Mr. Reginald Penford (nephew), Mr and Mrs. Browne, of Twickenham. Amongst neighbours and friends present were noticed:— Mr. and Miss Wareham, Mr. and Bliss Blacket, Mr. and Mrs.Metcalf, Mr. and Miss Nash, Mr. Philip Wells Jackson, Mr.G. Wintle, Mr.T. Hawkins, Mr T.  Mathews,  Misses Burroughs, Mr. J. Rankin, J.P., Mr. and Mrs E. L. Staples. Misses Pratt, Miss Midwinter, Mr. Thomas Fidler, Miss E. Dolton, Mrs A. and Miss Smith, Mr J. Stradling, Mr. C. Stradling Miss Langford, Mrs Camp, Miss Cook; Mr. B. Bell, Mr. O Beale, Mr. Charles Webb, Mr Hannibal Hill, Mrs. C. Lucas, Mrs. Frampton, Mrs. C Attewell, Mrs. Robeson, Miss Keep. Mrs. J. B. Webb, Mrs Porter, Mr. A. Attewell, Mr. Bartholomew, Mr. R, Prestoe, Mr. T. Cullum, Mr Holloway, &c., &c. The service took place in the cemetery chapel, and the body was removed for interment to the vault situated near the entrance gates. Numerous and beautiful wreaths and crosses were sent, including the following :- Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, Miss Jackson Mr. and Mrs. W. R Collis (Ipswich), Mrs. F Penford, Mr. and Mrs. J Stradling, Mr and Mrs. J. H. Hopson, Miss E. Pratt, Mr*. A. Stradling, Mrs. Mclndoe, Baby Mclndoe Mr and Mrs. M. F Hopson, Mr. and Mrs J Hopson, Mr. and Mrs F. C. Hopson,  Newbury Choral Society, Mr and Mrs. E. L. Staples, Mr. and Mrs G. Wintle. Mr and Mrs. Browne, Mr and Mrs. W. and Mr. J. Bargess.


Sources:The New York Times, Newbury Weekly News February 1897 and The Reading Chronicle February 1897

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