James Willis

Author: Gerald Soper
Date published: 25/01/2022

idney James Willis (1921 – 1921)

His gd. Parents James Willis (-1913)

 and Fanny Willis (-1918)



Frank Willis was born 25 May 1884 in Wash Common. His parents were James and Fanny, nee Pearce, Willis who were both buried at Newtown Road Cemetery, James Willis on 10 September 1913 and Fanny Willis on 12 January 1918.


Frank married Getrude Amelia Penny in Newbury in 1916. Gertrude was born 28 March 1894 in Laycock in Wiltshire. In the 1911 census she was recorded as a general domestic servant in Portchester Road in Newbury.  


Frank and Gertrude had five children all born in Newbury area. The eldest was Frank born in 1916, followed by Gladys in 1920, Sidney in 1921, Norman in 1924 and then Dorothy in 1927.


Their son Sidney James was born circa January 1921 in Newbury. Sadly, Sidney died in March 1921 aged 2 months and he was buried at Newtown Road Cemetery on 12 March 1921.


The family remained in the Newbury area and in September 1939 Frank and Gertrude and daughter Gladys were living in Donnington. Frank was a gardener and Gladys a typist and bookkeeper.

There were other people in the house but at present (2021) the names have not been released.


Frank and Gertrude were both buried at Shaw Cemetery, Frank on 2 March 1956 and Gertrude on 27 January 1967.


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