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Date published: 24/06/2013
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The remains of this gentleman, the notice of whose decease appears in our obituary today (and whose son Mr. Marcus H. Lewis is a leading member of the corn trade in this town) were on Tuesday conveyed to their last resting place in the Newbury Cemetery. In earthly life Mr. Lewis resided here, being held in high esteem by his fellow townsmen, by whom he was elected Mayor of Newbury on the ninth of November 1841, the day of the Prince of Wales' birth.


During his mayoralty troublous times agitated the town and neighbourhood, arising in part from the agricultural machine breaking then rife throughout the country. Twice, as we are informed, was Mr. Lewis compelled to read the Riot Act.


About thirty years ago he left Newbury to reside at Guildford, but he has never entirely severed his connection with this town, as in addition to family ties, he remained one of the trustees of Hunt's charity until his death, which has occurred, as our readers will observe, at the advanced age of 83. Mr. Alderman Hickman, who with the Town Clerk attended the funeral, is we believe the only surviving member of the Corporation contemporary with Mr. Lewis.



Newbury Weekly News December 1 1881

Sources:Newbury Weekly News 1 December 1881

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