Catherine Reid

Author: Christine Gambles
Date published: 05/09/2021

Catherine Reid



Catherine was born on either the the 5th or 7th of Novemebr 1864 ( 1939 register records the 5th  and M I records 7th) in Newbury, the daughter of George and Hannah Reid (nee Lloyd) who were married in Westminster Middlesex on the 29th November 1856.

Her father George was a Draper he was born c1825 in Kirkcudbright Scotland the son of George and Jane Reid (nee McCall). He died aged 84 on the 20th July 1909 and was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 24th July.

Her mother Hannah was born c1829 in Newbury Berkshire the daughter of Thomas and Jane Lloyd (nee Crosswell). She died aged 61 on the 18th December 1890 and was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 23rd December.

Catherine had seven brothers and three sisters, Jane born 1858, William born 1859, George born 1860, James born 1862, died aged 13th months in 1863, Margaret born 1863, Ellen born c1866, Thomas born 1867, died aged 14 months in 1868, Walter born 1868, died aged 3 weeks in 1868, Lloyd born 1870 and Gordon born 1872.


Catherine never married she was recorded living with her parents and siblings in Cheap Street Newbury in 1871 and Bartholomew Street Newbury in 1881.

In the 1891 census Catherine’s sister, Jane (32) was recorded as a Principal of a School (this school was a Boarding School for Girls situated at 63 Bartholomew Street Newbury). Catherine (26) and her sister Ellen (25) were recorded as Governesses at the school. All three women were also recorded at the school in the1901 census.

Catherine’s sister Jane died aged 53 on the 6th March 1911 she was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 10th March.

The 1911 census records Catherine (46), occupation: Registry Office for Servants (“Own Account”), Ellen (45), occupation: Music Teacher, their married brother Gordon (30), occupation: Commission Agent and their nephew Howard (14), living at 48 Cheap Street Newbury.

By 1913 Catherine was living in Rockingham Road Newbury.

 Her sister Ellen died aged 47 on the 28th August 1913 she was laid to rest in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 29th August.

The 1939 register records Catherine as a Proprietor Registry Office living alone at 4 Rockingham Road Newbury.

She died aged 80 on the 12th February 1946 and was laid to rest with her brother Gordon in the Newtown Road Cemetery on the 15th February.

Probate: Reid Catherine of 4 Rockingham-road Newbury Berkshire spinster died 12th February 1946 Probate Oxford 12th July to Margaret Holmes widow and George Lovegrove insurance agent. Effects: £1294 0s 8d


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